How to be Profitable Including Your Outsourced Photo Editing Cost In Photography Business

How To Be Profitable Including Your Outsourced Photo Editing Cost In Photography Business

If you outsource your images for editing to a Clipping Path Company, costing is a challenging thing. Sometimes you were unable to find the right amount that you should charge your client. You get questions and get stuck into there like a forever process. Questions like these

  • How big do I think their budget is?
  • Am I overpricing? Underpricing?

Bothers your whole time in every project. Outsourcing images can save time and help you to earn more money. You still have to make sure that the extra charges are charged to your customers and that they make it worthwhile. So you have to know how you can charge your clients for your photography.

Photo Editing
Image Editing

You can set your price depending on some criteria like Day, Hour, Files, Subject, etc.


Different professional photographers charge differently. The most common way of charging is per-day charges. Here you will set a cost for every day. To set the appropriate price make an estimation of your work for a day. How many photos you can shoot, whether you are shooting at your studio or outside, what is the product etc calculate all these things. Then give your price to your client. Never fear whether your client likes your price or not. If you provide premium service sometimes the price doesn’t matter. Try to guarantee high-quality service and you will get whatever you ask. Suppose your per-day cost is $800 USD and you work 8 hours a day. So you can estimate your price according to images your client wants in a day.

Photo Editing Service


Few photographers prefer hourly payment. In this case, you can calculate how many images you can shoot in an hour. Depending on that you can set your price. Highly professional photographers often charge high. If you are a beginner or medium professional photographer, you need to charge keeping your market value of yours in mind. No matter what charge you set always include the post-processing cost in it.

Photo Editing

Files or Subject

You also can charge upon files or subjects. You can set a few options for how many files they want and then charge upon it and can set packages like 50pc/100pc/500pc and then set charge on it. This is very helpful for small projects and clients. You also can charge on a subject that you need to shoot.

clipping path

Now you know how you can approach to set your charge. If want to guarantee your client’s satisfaction I would suggest you outsource your images to a highly professional clipping path company. If you do you also have to consider their cost in your charge. I agree it’s difficult to find a combination of premium quality service with a minimum rate but you will find it if you search a bit.

How to include the outsource Photo editing cost

You cannot include the extra cost overnight into your charge you have to include it while keeping your profit in mind. You can get profit from outsourcing costs also. For example, if you had a maximum of US$ 500 for a month and due to an additional outsourced photo editing cost of USD$700 for a month, the incremental cost for the pictures is US$ 200.

Photo Editing

Now include this $200 into your cost equally. First, the incremental cost of 200 USD will be reduced. Let’s say it came from a photo editing time of one hour for four customers. This is US$ 50 per customer. Next, use the profit margin to determine if the price you pay for contract work is worthwhile. Here the cost for the outsourced photo editing job could include $70-$100 USD, which could generate again between $80-$200 USD.

How to look for a Photo Editing Company

Consider how long it takes to manage the outsourced work of photo editing. It may take months to find someone you trust if you’re new to outsourcing your photo-editing tasks. In this situation, it could be helpful to take on these editing activities while searching for potential candidates to ensure that your time is not wasted.

Determine the mechanism in the meantime. Can you edit all your images and pick your favorites from the beginning? Can you make your own pictures before you edit them?

Photo Editing Company

It may be time to take a step back if you’re not a new outsourcer who spends a lot of time organizing photo editing tasks. Reassess your processes to make sure that you do not waste money in order to manage outsourcing with a photo editor who cannot have what you need and when you need it.

Image editing rates

Depending on the clipping path agency, quality of the editing of images, size of images, and how fast you need the edited photos. The exact cost of the photo editing services you are using will vary. Shopping and collecting quotes from trustworthy photo editors is always best. Understanding the price range from various sources will enable you to ensure that you get the best deal and the best quality.

Clipping path
Image editing rates

For example, if you need high-quality background removal with a hand-drawn clipping path service from UK Clipping Path. Our price range starts from 0.35 USD per picture, with a 24-hour turnaround time.

Simple shaped items (such as beach balls) will drop down to the bottom of the price scale. While a bit more complex shapes (such as bikes or intricate jewelry retouching) will be required.

Clipping Path, Background Removal, Ghost Mannequin, Drop Shadow, Image Masking, Color Correction, Jewelry Retouching, and more.