5 Simple Product Photo Editing Tips

Product Photo Editing Tips- 5 Simple Tips To Increase Your Sales

Product photo editing tips for the internet distributors for different eCommerce businesses, and brand descriptions certainly assist, but the main function is to achieve these all-important revenues with high-quality specialist pictures. Research by Amazon has shown that pictures enhance our general customer experience because shoppers discover, assess, and buy products faster. Don’t you want to be gone? Here is what you have to understand to keep your competitors one step ahead.

It’s All About the Quality

Images are an utter requirement for most internet markets, not just an optional supplement. You are not even in the competition without superior pictures for showing your products. There is a demonstrated connection between pictures of elevated performance and conversions for sales. The listings with professional quality pictures are 5% higher than those that forget it. eBay is a prime instance of this.


You understand the importance of a high-quality picture, but what is the easiest manner?

1. Lose the clutter

Maintain concentration on the item and demonstrate its strength without paying much attention to it. Accessories are not required and can be counterproductive effectively.

2. Fill the space

Make sure the pictures of your item are broad and that the competent route forward is evident. Ideally, try to fill about 85% of the picture room in your item. Either way, consumers – particularly those on the iPhone – can be very off-putting.

3. Optimize the size

Both eBay and Amazon involve a minimum size of 500 pixels in marketplace pictures. However, this guideline does not need to be adhered to. Opting for or above 1200 pixels will promote zooming in most of the markets so that customers can take a closer look at your item. 1600 pixels offer you the greatest opportunity for conversion for optimal outcomes.

4. Keep Your Image Background White

Amazon needs to be a fully white background in all the primary marketplace pictures (Hex # FFFFFF or RGB 255-255-255). This enables them to match the search and object detail websites in perfect condition.

5. Realistic feel

Keep your product images as realistic as possible by adding a shadow to them. People who buy online can’t touch and feel the product as they could in a shopping mall so giving them the products with a realistic feel will increase your sales.

This does not have to take technical account of the extra pictures submitted to the marketplace Amazon and does not indicate this at all for the likes of eBay and Google. However, white backgrounds will appear more professional in all markets. Their look is much more traditional and reliable on mobile devices.

eBay and Google Shopping Product Image Guidelines

Product images today are no longer merely an add-on; customers expect to see them and cannot buy them if the quality images are not professional or professional. They enhance the consumer’s confidence considerably and in turn have a beneficial impact on prospective transformations. Investing in high-quality brand pictures a little time and energy can help improve your revenues.

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The likelihood of selling based on a study on eBay that reviewed 6.8 million listings, which led to a 4.5% increase in sales over this period; the definition “best photo quality” means photos measuring 500 or more pixels on the longest side, do not include text or graphics and are uploaded to the eBay picture service. Individual findings may differ and outcomes presume that during these modifications, vendors do not raise the product cost.

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