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Background Removal Service for Product Photos

Increase attention to your products with our quality background removal services. Whether your images need to replace the background or remove unwanted objects, we’ve got you covered.


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Background Removal for e-Commerce Products

Need to take your product photography up a notch? With the UK Clipping Path background removal services, we bring professionalism every time. Our specialist background removal professional services are exactly what you need for crisp, clear, and transparent background with no delays or waiting around. If you’re serious about hiring an image background removal service that makes you number one, UK Clipping Path ticks all of the boxes. Try us for free and let’s see what our experts can do for you.

Background Removal for Product Image rawBackground Removal for Product Image

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Simply upload your photographs to see what our photo background removal services can do and get the results within 30 minutes or less.

Your professional product background removal expert

Your professional product background removal expert

Why do your white background removal in-house when you can rely on the experts? Our friendly and highly specialized team at UCP can remove background from multiple images and make them look stunning. If you want to impress your customers and get the right attention on Amazon or eBay, free background removal by our specialist team is the place to start. We produce incredible results with your product photography in the minimum possible time. If you’re looking for a skilled service that takes your privacy seriously and always goes the extra mile with its customer support, UCP is the solution for you.

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Customers love to work with UCP, we’re always ready to answer your questions.

Advanced and simple photo cutout services

We take time handling all the product photo editing for you so you don’t have to. Our low-cost approach means you save both time and money when you choose UCP. Whether you have half a dozen products or thousands to upload, letting us handle your photo editing can reduce the time from photography to upload. With our swift and effective service, we can cut the time spent waiting for edits in half. No stress, no fuss – just quality photoshop background removal services you can count on.

Advanced and simple photo cutout service

Give time to your business Let us hand on your photos

Give time to your business
—Let us hand on your photos

We take time handling all the product photo editing for you so you don’t have to. Our low-cost approach means you save both time and money when you choose UCP. Whether you have half a dozen products or thousands to upload, letting us handle your photo editing can reduce the time from photography to upload. With our swift and effective service, we can cut the time spent waiting for edits in half. No stress, no fuss – just quality photoshop background removal services you can count on.

complex background removal

We are 100+ photo editing experts ready to meet your needs

When you work with UCP, you don’t just benefit from a small in-house photo background removal service. With over 100 talented and skilled photo editing experts available, we’re here to get the work done seven days a week, 24 hours a day. From simple cutout photo editing to more complex background removal, we’re all about great customer service, professional support, and excellent quality in everything we do. We start by clipping paths which you can call image clipping and remove backgrounds with more efficiency.

Why popular e-commerce brands rely on our
Background Removal Service

3 steps quality control

Quality is the main priority for our dedicated and skilled team. We always take the time and effort to complete the best quality work for you, with no exceptions. A three-step process ensures your work looks perfect every single time.

Trained professionals

Our team of trained and expert professionals has the skills in clipping paths and removing unnecessary objects. If you’re looking for incredible results with a fast turnaround, our hard-working team is exactly what you’re looking for.


We won't delay your retouching and we're always 100% transparent about how the process works. With UCP, you get the best of the best when it comes to speed, quality, and everything else in-between with next-day delivery in most cases.

World-class support

We’re keeping an eye end of the phone, on live chat, and on email to help you any time. Our flexible support teamwork meets your needs, and we always ensure speedy replies and constant contact to provide you with stellar service.

Commitment to data security

We take the privacy of our clients seriously, and that means using all the correct tools and services for premium protection. Your photographs are safe and your details discrete and private when you choose to work with UCP.

Number of volumes (scale)

Have a bulk order to place? No problem, our team is up to the task. From one photograph to tens of thousands, we’re flexible to your specific needs and requirements. Efficiency and quality are our top priorities.

Lowest cost

Premium background removal service without the premium price point. Our cost-effective pricing and transparent approach to payment, services, and information mean you get the best value for money every single time you choose our background removal service.

Discount on bulk

Planning on bulk retouching? We can do it for less. With exclusive discounts on bulk orders, you get more for your money and the high standard of service you’d expect from our dedicated and professional team.

Revision until satisfaction

Satisfaction is guaranteed when you work with UCP. Any retouches or reworks are included free of charge, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with the quality of work and service we provide every step of the way.

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Want to try before you buy? Get five free image retouched on us. Test our photo background removal services by sending us five images.

Our Background Removing process that delivers High Quality image

How it works

Whether you have one photograph you’d like us to edit or hundreds of images ready for e-commerce, we make the job easy with our professional background removal photo service. Great quality work, same-day delivery, and 100% satisfaction mean you’ll love what we do time and time again. We’re all about transparency, which means keeping you in the loop every step of the way. From the moment you send your photographs, we’re working hard to produce incredible results.

Our Product Background Removal Service Includes

Like the sound of what we do at UCP? If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality background removal professional service, you’re in the right place. Our expert team has the knowledge and experience to provide professional-grade services that match every eCommerce standard.

You don't have to do everything yourself

We commit high-quality service to our clients at an affordable price

We commit high-quality service to our clients
— at an affordable price

Unlike other image background removal services, our top priority will always be providing our customers with the best experience. That means we put your needs first, and we do the best quality work on the market while keeping you in the loop every step of the way. Our customers are important – and we’ll always treat them as our number one priority. Our standard of work, flexible support, and transparent approach are all reasons why we’re a gold-star service – without the VIP cost.


Our competitive price is better than others

Want to get a high-quality photo background removal service for less? That’s where UK Clipping Path comes in. Our expert team has the know-how and professionalism to get the job done. fast turnaround times and fast bulk orders are standard with us – and our price is always the best for our work. At a highly competitive rate, you don’t just get the benefit of low-cost, next-day service. Our commitment to quality, customer support, and friendly service get you more for your money on every single order you place.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Right Background Removal Services

Background removal is the most common method of making an image appealing because the image is more focused than the background. It’s perfect for social media sites where photos must be visually appealing in order to gain more followers and, as a result, more business. You can also present your products in a more appealing manner by removing the background. If you don’t know how to remove the background in Photoshop, however, you should hire a professional background removal service. Here are some things to think about when selecting a background removal service.


When it comes to purchasing a product or service, quality is the most important factor to consider. If you can't deliver the level of image quality that your customers expect, there's a good chance they won't buy your products. As a result, UK Clipping Path provides a free trial to evaluate the quality of our service.

Easy to Proceed

You're looking for the best background removal service online, and you've found one with a fantastic user interface and a simple system to use. That's a sign of professional service, and you can place your background removal order without hesitation.


Make sure their website, order processing system, and communication system are all faster than the competition. Hiring such a firm will save you a significant amount of time. You can place an order in just a few clicks at UK Clipping Path. Give it a shot and see the fastest website we've ever created.


Reputation is a good sign to look for when determining whether or not a service is reliable. Consider how reputable a background removal service is before hiring them. Removal services are also available from Us. The reason you should choose us is that we have a long list of positive reviews and accomplishments that have established our reputation in the industry.


It's critical to consider the capacity of a background removal service when making a decision. For the time being, you may only have a few image editing requirements, but in the future, you may have thousands. So, if you want to work with a company for a long time, make sure they can meet your needs, even if you have large orders.

Basic image editing services

You're probably looking for a background removal service, but it's also a good idea to look into other services offered by your desired company. Because a company that specializes in basic image editing can also provide high-quality background removal.


When choosing a background removal service, price is one of the most important factors to consider. There are numerous businesses that provide low-cost services. Furthermore, many offer competitive pricing, and some companies overcharge. You should be aware of pricing and consider combining price and quality.


When it comes to selecting a photo background removal service, security is paramount. Any service provider, other than the one you trust, has a high chance of stealing your images. As a result, ensure that their uploading method is secure, as well as that security is maintained throughout the agreement.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our primary focus is removing the background on eCommerce photography, creating the plain white or transparent background that platforms like eBay and Amazon favor for their sellers. We also work on fashion photos.

Our specialist team is highly skilled in photo background removal, whether it’s street fashion photography or product imagery taken in a professional studio. We work with you to achieve the best possible results.

Our services are designed for eCommerce Owners and professional photographers. If you have questions or requirements for personal photography, get in touch with our team.

Many of our clients opt to send photography in bulk to our specialized team. We’re used to living up to the fast-paced nature of eCommerce, and we’re capable of retouching photos in the thousands for our client base.

We can give you a free quote for your specific requirements, including a bulk discount that suits the volume of your particular order. For a general idea of our pricing, you can see our rates page.

Want to try it before you buy it? Then you might want to take advantage of our offer for five free photos. Try us out today, and you’ll see why we’re the best choice for your photo retouching needs.

We can both remove and add watermarks to any photo as required alongside our background removal service. All you’ll need to do is supply us with your logo or seller name, and we can add them quickly and easily to your retouched photos.

Contact our friendly support team with any specific requests or requirements you have for us. They will be able to advise on the services we can offer you and give you more information about our work.

You will receive your photographs back within four hours of submission in most cases. For large or bulk orders, this time may vary slightly to next-day delivery. Get in touch with our team if you want information about your specific order – we’re here to help!

Our friendly support team is available on the phone, via email, or live chat whenever you need us. Get in touch through any of the methods mentioned, and we’ll be here to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Now that’s customer service done the right way.