E-commerce Photo Editing is used in online business in every image on the website because you cannot start your online business without Image Retouching.  We can see the Product Images, just close your eyes and look someone retouched that images 100%. I want to start with saying of Walmart CEO, Joel Anderson “you can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic”.

If you are planning or already starting e-commerce business then you have to plan or should have a plan how you will succeed in your eCommerce business and you can’t think about success without getting a targeted customer in your store.

However, you can start eCommerce business by using some latest eCommerce platform like Shopify, woocommerce, Bigcommerce etc. but to make this business successful you should have a very targeted audience on your website that will generate sales for you.  

You have to have a solid plan for how you promote your business, who is your targeted audience and what will make them come to your website & buy from there.

If you plan and execute all the process which I will give in this article then you are going to get a very good ROI within a short period of time.

After reading this blog post you will realize how easy it is to get lots of visitor within a short time to your local store.


Paid traffic always is the best & perfect way to get started into the e-commerce business. This will give you an opportunity to test user Interests in your product category according to a search engine. Targeting the right customer is a curtail point to get them to buy from your store.

You might think this promotional method is going to cost you so much money and probably you already heard some story where people spend lots of money on paid ads but got a little in return.  

In fact, when you test your ads properly and look into your user behaviour closely you will get one or several winning campaigns from your spending on paid traffic. Getting a Winning campaign will lead you to success in your eCommerce business so fast.

I am going to cover that you need to know ahead of time to protect your business from disaster. If you follow several important steps when you run paid campaigns you can secure yourself from failing or at least reduce the chance to fail.

You will find lots of startup business owner mostly who don’t have previous paid campaign experience think they are gonna need lots of money to find a successful campaign from paid traffic network such as Google Ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads and so on. But it’s quite the opposite when you know what you are doing.

My personal suggestion is to start with a small amount of daily budget when you are working with a website like Google ads. They will give you some threshold money between $50-350$ depending on your location and you will be charged when your threshold balance is over.

I always suggest keeping your daily budget between $30-$50 and several ad variations for per product campaign. Depending on your CPC you are going to get a good amount of visitor from this network. After running this type of ads for at least one week you will have some sort of data to analyze. Look closely to ads data such as Gender, location, age, device, time of click etc.

Always make sure you are spending a small amount as I said a small amount of money like $30-$50 /day because who knows which campaign will work or not. So always be prepare yourself to spend much on the testing period. If you Think You promote your business, You need to E-commerce Photo Editing for your website before upload.


Building trust with your visitor is the most important part of your e-commerce business. No matter how much traffic you get, how good your product looks like and how less price you offer to your customer you can’t build a business without a solid trust foundation with your user.

To Trust Buildup, You must maintain this Three key feature: Product Quality, Product Price, Customer Service

There are several facts to keep in mind to build trust with your visitors. Here are they:


The first thing you always keep in mind is the quality of your selling product. No matter how gorgeous they look you can’t make a long term business only out of gorgeousness of your product. Always keep in mind gorgeousness will increase will sale your product more in quantity but it’s not going to help in the long run if you are selling a low-quality product for less or big money.


Before set price tag on your products makes sure you have done your competitor product research properly. Check their product quality, product source or vendors, delivery & shipment cost. When you have done this properly you will overall idea how much your product worth and you can give a competitive price than your competitors or you can charge more if you provide high-quality products than your niche competitors.


After setting up your eCommerce store with all the necessary steps the last thing you should do is research your competitor customer service quality. It must be  100% to 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. You can do this by buying some products and ship to your location. After getting the product ask the product isn’t exactly what they were telling or have some problem in it to know how they treat their customer and what strategy they follow regarding this situation. Make sure you ask all most anything a buyer can ask a seller and get as much info as you can then replicate this with your customer care service in a better way.


Having a perfect product image is so much important because the first thing the user sees is your product image on your store. So if you visualize your product image properly with detail description they will most probably be going to buy instantly or come back next to know more about the product. Do you know how to make a perfect product image? It’s very important to make a proper image for products before you upload them to your store.

Here are some most important facts to make a perfect product image for your store.


It’s is a way to remove background from an image. It has few synonyms- Clipping Images, Background Remover, Photo Editor, Cut Out, Photo Enhance, Image masking, hair masking, Photo Masking, White Background etc. Before uploading your image to your eCommerce store you must have to cut out product background from the original image because it gives extra enhancement and shininess to your product when you upload to your store.

There is a strategy show real impact between upload image with removed background and without remove. It shows the product with image editing sales 15% more than without editing. So I suggest editing your product by yourself or outsourcing from best clipping Path Company than your local graphic designer in Asia at an affordable price.

Check your Real life Amazon online store- look! Everywhere is White Background.

If you really need these services for right now, I want to share &  give you a best easy guideline source. Try to check 2 free trial images here.


After finishing Background remove from your product you should retouch the product. If you know how to use Photoshop then you can do by yourself or you have to outsource this task. You can contact your local graphic design house or you can hire someone from overseas at a cheap price.


I don’t think I need to introduce the power of video marketing in 2019 and beyond. Video promotion is so powerful when you can do it properly. This gives the actual product feel before the user decides to buy from your store. User can see how your product working on real life. When you create a video for your product make sure how to use that product step by step this way a user will trust you more than just normal image view. I am not saying image visualization is a bad or not good way to sale rather image represent will always be one of the best ways to represent products visually.

You can ask your user for video review for your product and upload to YouTube so you can use those video to make a promotional video or can use as a reference to build more trust about your products.  


Let me give you an example of how this theory works. As you know No one test food from a restaurant before buy but buying depends on how the hotel management represents the food to its customers. Likewise No matter how good your product actually if you can’t trust your users to buy before you write a convincing product description.


Email marketing is always the best option to build trust with buyers, clients or with any service providers. That’s why email marketing is one of the golden promotional methods. According to a recent strategy by Shopify Email Marketing has an R.O.I of 4,300% – As you can see why it’s one of the golden promotional methods.

If you already have an email list to promote your products that’s perfect but you don’t have an email list yet you have to build from your store. There are several secret methods to build an email list form eCommerce store such as to provide a coupon code, giving a free gift which known as a giveaway, giving free guide how to use or get best out of the product etc. So follow these steps to get sales on your eCommerce store.


Check out what type of similar products already has on the market and research their demands. After doing some research you will come up with several products which your competitors aren’t selling but it has great demands on the market. Find several sources to buy from and start importing this product on your website.

So you may ask how this can help to build up trust with a customer, well it’s very simple logic. When a similar product you are selling has a market demands but your competitors aren’t then logically you have more chance to sell more products than your competitors to a single customer who came to your store for a specific product but he or she got similar products on your store but not to your competitors.


As I told you to buy products from your competitors to know what exactly they do behave with their customers, when you do this you will get so much valuable information including their refund policy. If they allow free return you should do the same or if they charge full cost for return shipment then you can offer half to your customer for refund products. It’s a very good strategy to know your competitors more closely than others.


Every online store or eCommerce sites sell their products via online but not all website has a reliable payment method for buyer from around the world. Having all most all payment method to your store means you are ahead of your competitors and you can sale to anyone or anywhere in the world.

The most secure and perfect ecom transaction platforms are Paypal, Stripe (for debit or credit card payment) and Bitcoin. If you have bitcoin payment method to buy from your store then your chance of getting a worldwide selling is 50% more than your competitors because of the reliability and availability of bitcoin around the world. Nowadays some world most popular ecommerce websites has bitcoin on their website.

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