Top 10 Product Photography Rules for Amazon and eBay

Amazon & eBay Photography

Product photography employs a variety of ways to present items in a visually appealing manner in order to encourage customers to buy. A beautiful product image is worth a thousand clicks on a website. You must also provide clear, eye-catching photographs of your items to attract your customers who like to shop online. The use of product photography in your ecommerce website strategy may be incredibly beneficial.

What is Product Photography?

What is Product Photography

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Product photography, also known as e-commerce photography, is images utilized on websites and various digital channels to promote your product or service.

Considering the increase in online buying, consumers now have a large range of products and brands to choose from in any category therefore photographs that illustrate what you’re offering and why it’s worth purchasing are an essential part of any eCommerce marketplace.

10 Product Photography Rules for Amazon and eBay

Product Photography

Product photography is crucial in the multibillion-dollar e-commerce market. A  company relies on attractive product photos to sell their products online.

E-commerce sites would struggle to succeed if they didn’t have high-quality product photos. Consumers rely on product photos to gain a better understanding of what they’re buying. Product photographs are crucial in e-commerce and are frequently the determining factor in whether or not a customer will buy the product or not. 

1. A well-thought-out strategy

Starting with branding is a good place to start. Plan out how you want your product photos to look and how they’ll fit into your web presence. It might be a logo, a location, or a color palette. No photo should seem as though it belongs to another website since potential buyers are browsing your listing. You must maintain a level of consistency with them.

2. Create the ideal lighting environment

Right lighting can bring even the most unappealing product. This, in turn, aids in increasing sales. The majority of products seem better when photographed in good lighting, particularly in a mellow, evenly distributed lighting. 

3. Maintain a high image resolution

Make sure you’re using a good camera with a high-resolution lens when taking photos of your product. Upon viewing, every image must convey product details. On the other hand, when photographing the product, the lighting should be neither too dim nor too bright. Maintain a decent standard, as this will assist buyers in making an informed choice.

4. Make use of a tripod or a stable surface

Avoid the possibility of camera shakes. We can prevent this issue by using a good tripod or, alternatively, anything with a steady surface.

5. Review your content before listing 

Before uploading any product image, you should consider the buyer’s perspective. It’s essential to concentrate on your product rather than the mannequins or models. Uploading indecent images is also prohibited. It will only result in the eCommerce platform rejecting your request.

6. Show the product from various perspectives

It is better to have a few product photos than just one or two. This is due to the fact that the customers you’re selling it to may have never seen the goods in person. They have no concept of how your product looks in real life. As a result, it’s critical to provide them with a large number of photos taken from various perspectives.

When it comes to Amazon, the primary picture is the first image that appears on the product and search pages.

7. Product’s dimensions

The size of the product is something that every vendor must consider. It should not be shot in such a way that it appears too little or too large.

If you click the product in such a way that it looks to be very little, you will notice a lot of white space around it, and it’s likely that some essential details may be overlooked. As a result, it’s necessary to keep in mind the Amazon image aspect ratio standards before shooting.

8. Show exactly what you’re offering

One of the most important components of online selling is preserving “transparency” with your customers. Capturing other goods with the product may confuse the customer and lead to disappointment if the shopper does not receive the accessories they saw while shopping.

As a result, it’s critical to exhibit exactly what you’re offering to buyers and not anything else that will not be included in the delivery..

9. White Background

The products on most eCommerce websites, including Amazon, are displayed on a basic, white surface. This is because it reduces unnecessary distraction from the item and focuses the product. From a visual perspective, a plain white background seems more corporate and better.

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10. Quality Image Editing 

It is important to get good image editing after photographing your products. Color corrections, shadow placement, clipping path, background removal, and more are important photo editing services always recommended by experts for product photography and eCommerce product sales. Image editing from professionals like UCP gives you quality service within affordable rates. 

Requirements for Amazon Product Images

  • The technical parameters for the product picture you send to Amazon are as follows:
  • TIFF (.tiff or.tif), GIF (.gif), PNG (.png), or JPEG (.jpg) are all acceptable image formats (.jpg or .jpeg).
  • Every image should have a width or height of at least 1000 pixels, preferably both.
  • The image’s color mode can be either CMYK or RGB.
  • The product’s identifier should be followed by a period and the file extension in every file name.
  • The use of special characters in the filename, such as dashes, spaces, or any other character, prevents the picture from being posted online.

Why is Product Photography Important?

Product Photography Important

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Product photography entails much more than simply displaying your products to the target clients. Photographs can help customers visualize how your product might fit into their own lives.

According to study, a vivid and comprehensive picture of a product boosts a customer’s mental sense of belonging to that thing. Photography can also help you strengthen your brand by emphasizing who you are and what you stand for. Many of these factors make it more likely that a customer will purchase a product.

Final Words

As defined by these two e-commerce sites, you must comply with the photo guidelines or the particular eBay and Amazon product image requirements. You will utilize photographs that best represent your products and attract interested consumers.

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