25 Men & Women Professional Headshot Examples

Professional Headshot Examples

Old-fashioned professional headshots don’t make sense anymore to anyone. Time has changed and professional headshot examples too. In this modern era, people demand photos that are realistic, natural, and expressive. Below, these 25 men’s and women’s professional headshot examples give you exactly what you need for modern, stylish, and professional headshots. 

1. Being Simple 

Being Simple

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

The most common and easiest way to pose is just to shut up and be yourself. Don’t get nervous and have impressions of fear. Simply straighten your back and lean slightly towards the camera, leaving your face natural.

2. Slight Angling 

Slight Angling 

Image source: headshots-inc.com

Don’t stand straight thoroughly in front of the camera. Slightly angle your body which makes it a more friendly and approachable image.

3. Arm Crossed

Arm Crossed

Image source: headshots-inc.com

This is another great pose to express yourself in a friendly manner. All you need to do is to cross your arms naturally and have a smiley face. This type of image can be great for lawyers and executives.

4. Showing Emotions 

Showing Emotions

Image source: headshots-inc.com

Bring out the right emotions in your headshot. In this pose, you want to show happiness, confidence, and intelligence so your clients better understand your approach.

5. Leaning Head Towards Shoulders

Leaning Head Towards Shoulders

Image source: headshots-inc.com

Leaning your head slightly towards your shoulders, on the right or left, makes a great portrait. In this case, your body should look balanced. Because there’s a high chance to slip and ruin your shot.

6. Getting Down Chin a Bit

Getting Down Chin a Bit

Image source: headshots-inc.com

When posing for a professional headshot, don’t let your chin be messed up. Get down your chin a bit and lean your face towards the camera. This way, you can make your headshot more professional. 

7. Taking Random Shot in Motion

Taking Random Shot in Motion

Image source: headshots-inc.com

For professional headshots in outdoor activity, taking shots in motion enhances your style. You just move around, walk, jump, and fix hairs. It will lead you to pose that anyone else never had. 

8. Changing Facial Expression 

Changing Facial Expression

Image source: headshots-inc.com

This example shows how to give expression to your face in terms of a professional headshot. Don’t leave your face in one expression while you can change your face in different expressions. It will let you check what expression best matches the headshot.

9. Wearing Glasses 

Wearing Glasses

Image source: headshots-inc.com

Another pose that gives your image a professional vibe. If you’re not used to wearing glasses, you may consider the glass in the right position. Think about the pose, what pose would be professional with glasses, and take multiple shots so you can judge what best suits you. This image shows the model wearing glass and holding it in his hands — that’s fine for himself.

10. With Hands-On Support

With Hands On Support

Image source: headshots-inc.com

It’s a good idea to take professional headshots when you sit on a chair. It can be anything: the arm of the chair, table, your own lower limb, and more to keep your hands on. You should look more balanced when you take shots in such a style.

11. Hiding Face 

Hiding Face

Image source: headshots-inc.com

Today, people want to make their professional headshots more interesting. You can make your own hiding your face with an object. It can be anything: your clothes, wall, or hands to hide your face a little bit. 

12. Playing With Shadows

Playing With Shadows

Image source: headshots-inc.com

Another great pose to show attitude in a professional headshot. To acquire such shots, you should set up lighting properly. Keep changing the lighting position as long as you get the shot you were looking for. 

13. Looking Down

Looking Down

Image source: headshots-inc.com

When someone looks down, they do it to deeply think about something. It can be a good pose for professional headshots. The image above shows a thoughtful mood and happiness. 

14. Smiling 


image  source: meero.com

When the smiling part comes in your photoshoot, it might confuse how you should smile. Note that it doesn’t matter whether you smile with your teeth or not. A forced smile doesn’t make it natural, so be yourself when smiling.  

15. Hands at Hips 

Hands at Hips

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

This style expresses that you’re working hard but still enjoying and having fun at your workplace. 

16. Leaning Towards Camera

Leaning Towards Camera

Image source: headshots-inc.com

This pose expresses a more relaxed image that can satisfy your clients. To get this pose, you need to sit and lean slightly towards the camera. 

17. Relaxed Hands

Relaxed Hands

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

Leave your hands as they are. In a professional headshot, there’s nothing to do with hands but in some cases it does. Since the hands connect your shoulder, you want your hand where it should be. 

18. Being Yourself

Being Yourself

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

This image shows that the model is comfortable and happy with posing. To take a shot like this, be yourself. No one knows about your poses other than yourself, so pose in a way that shows yourself.

19. Showing Or Talking 

Showing Or Talking

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

In a professional environment, talking or showing something to the clients is normal. Follow this example that presents happiness at work. To take such shots, talk, or show something the way you talk. don’t keep in mind that you’re taking shots. 

20. Leaning Against The Wall 

Leaning Against The Wall

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

This professional headshot example shows how to take shots leaning against a wall. This type of pose expresses more relaxation at work. To take such a shot, choose the right wall so it doesn’t ruin your image. Make sure leaning your body against the wall is more balanced.  

21. Standing Without Support 

Standing Without Support

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

When you stand to take shots, consider keeping your body straight — but not too much — and let your face be normal. This image can be a great example of a professional headshot.  

22. Turning Back and looking Over the Shoulder

Turning Back and looking Over the Shoulder

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

In this style, the face is more focused than the body. To follow this pose, you need to turn back and look over the shoulder. Show happiness in your face and make sure you don’t exceed it.

23. Playing With Hair 

Playing With Hair

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

Hair in a headshot can make or break your image. So, play with your hair and keep taking shots, you may end up getting exactly what you were looking for.

24. Positioning Hands 

Positioning Hands

Image source: sharpfocusphoto.com

When you go for a photo shoot, it’s normal to be confused about how to position your hands with a pose. In that case, you want to keep moving your hands in different styles and taking shots.

25. Framing with Hands

Framing with Hands

There are many frames in photo editing software, but creating a natural frame by your hands looks more appealing and shows your style. You can follow this image — a professional headshot example for females — to make a frame with your own hands. 

Prep Tips  For Professional Headshot

1. Clothing 

Clothing is undoubtedly the first and foremost thing you should consider when taking a headshot. Make sure you want to choose clothing that is consistent with the image of your industry. 

If you’re going to upload your image on a corporate website, LinkedIn, or any business-oriented site, choose clothing that shows your business-type attitude. 

When taking a professional headshot, you should choose something classic and fits very well. Choose a dark-colored suit with a light color shirt and tie, it best represents a professional headshot. That’s all you should consider and the rest of the part can be fixed in the editing part. 

2. Skin 

Skincare is another great preparation before you take a headshot. If you’re going to take a headshot, that is the most important thing in your life. You can choose a diet method to look more natural and fit. 

However, the diet method can be an extensive process and you don’t want to do that if you’re in a rush. In that case, you can use some skincare products. 

Try to use something that makes your face fresh and bright. Also, you can use some ingredients that camp in massive amounts of moisture so you look more natural in the headshot. 

3. Hair

Your hairstyle can make or break your professional headshot. When preparing your hair for the headshot, think about what types of look you’re looking for. 

When you have long hair,  make sure your hair is blown out. Because in a corporate environment a blown-out hair looks more professional, and don’t forget to use some add-ons to make your hair silky and natural. 

4. Makeup 

For professional headshots, makeup plays a vital role in a natural and professional look. With makeup,  you can lighten up your face and better present your attitude. Your face is the first thing your client looks at in your headshot, so make sure both the natural look and light are applied together on your face.  Remember clean and healthy skin makes a good start.

5. Nails 

In a professional headshot, nails don’t need to appear and there’s nothing to do with the nails. But if you need some editorial portraits like Photos of cooking or presenting products Then you need to consider good-looking nails 

6. Lips 

When taking a professional headshot,  lips can be a great component to present your reaction. Make sure your lips are not chapped. You can use lip balm to make your lips more appealing. apply some treatment on your lips before going to shoot — for example, you want to run a toothbrush on your lips the night before the day of the shoot. 

7. Retouch

The final section is retouching where the magic happens. When you’re preparing all the ingredients and components to make your headshot professional it’s a high chance that you miss something that can ruin your whole process. That’s why retouch comes to recover them and add some extra edition that ends up making a great professional headshot.  

We are a team of professionals who have decades of experience in photo retouching and photo editing. Once you take some headshots, you can choose us to retouch and get them the way you were looking for. Read the following guide to retouch the photo yourself. 

How You Can Make A Good Headshot

You already got some tips on how you can make a good headshot for professional purposes. With all those components you can go close to the professional headshots, but what makes it final is the editing part. 

Where You Should Edit Your Headshot

We — a team of professionals — can make a huge difference in your headshot. Whether it needs color, brightness, makeup, or isolating unwanted objects from images, our experts will retouch it the way it should be and is suitable for your purpose.

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Final Words

Hope you enjoyed all the professional headshot examples and some crucial tips. In professional life, all it matters is to represent yourself. It can be anything whether you present yourself in a business presentation, letter, website, Linkedin, or business meeting.

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer anymore. Those days are gone. With your smartphone. You can take a professional headshot suitable for any occasion. 

If you’re the one who wants to get professional headshot examples, these 20 men & women professional headshot examples can be ideal to follow. 


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