Top 10 types of product images Example for eCommerce Website

product images Example for eCommerce Website

When you think of customers’ perspectives, you may find that you wouldn’t be interested in buying the products you can’t see. When a product looks small, blurry, or unpleasant, it will not inspire you to buy, will it? Probably you don’t want to use images in your e-commerce website that doesn’t grab the customers’ attention. It’s no secret, nowadays the e-commerce industry has been booming dramatically and retailers and e-commerce owners are competing with one another with high-quality images.    

Why You Should Care About Product Images 

When it comes to selling your products online, 80 percent of people are more attracted to what they see, so pay attention to your product images. The images you use should be high-resolution and of the product, you’re attempting to sell. You can hire a professional photographer to photograph your products, or you can photograph them yourself with your own camera. You can polish your product photos once you have them in order to attract a larger audience.  

To stand out from the crowd, focus on these top 10 types of product images for eCommerce websites, and get your e-commerce to the next level. 

White Background Product Images

White Background Product Images

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The most common standard every e-Commerce website owner wants to use is the white background. Even e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart require to use clean white backgrounds to maintain the higher standard of their site as well as engage more customers. 

The white background is typically used in product images to highlight the products/objects. Customers buy a product online that seems real and trustworthy. That’s why white background comes into play, because it makes your product images highlighted, realistic, and visually appealing. 

There are a lot of tools and techniques to remove background from your images and replace them with a new clean background or leave them transparent for use on your website. The most used and popular tool is Adobe Photoshop that lets you create a white background of your images more precisely. 

What if you don’t have the time and skills to remove backgrounds and make your images more polite? You can hire a professional background removal service that not only removes the backgrounds from your images but also apply different treatments such as removing unwanted objects and applying the right adjustments to make your images stand out.    

Showing Product-in-use Images

Showing Product-in-use Images

Product-in-use images are great examples that you should use on your e-commerce website. When a product is in action, customers easily can understand how the product looks like in use, even they imagine themselves with the product how it will look like if they use it in real life.    

For example, look at the image above, a man wearing a sunglass that looks perfect in use while it mightn’t be able to show its real beauty in a flat surface or white background. 

When taking shots of a product that’s being used, it creates more value and inspires customers to purchase the product. When showcasing such product images, make sure they are retouched and look clean and beautiful. 


product Infographic 

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Nowadays customers don’t have time to read long product descriptions. Sometimes, product descriptions can feel boring when the product images are visually more appealing. Infographics images can increase your sales by describing in a short keyword that will help customers understand the products’ features and benefits.

look at the image above that describes how a Humidifier can keep the atmosphere in a room moist. You customers take a look at the infographics, it’s likely that they won’t go ahead and read the detailed description. Instead, they will make a decision within a short period and buy from your e-commerce website. 

Applying Mannequin Effects

Mannequin Effects

Applying mannequin effects on product images can make them look more professional and consistent. This method allows your products to hold their shape. If you see a clothing product on a flat surface, it’s hard to understand how it looks wearing it.  

If you fail to create desired mannequin effects, it may ruin the first impressions when customers visit your website. In order to get the right mannequin effects, make sure your products have got the right shots in photography and are retouched by professional invisible ghost mannequin services

Hanging Objects

Hanging Objects

If you take a shot by hanging an object, it creates a full view of the product so the customer can see every corner of the object. Creating images like this can make them look visually appealing and engage more customers. 

In this competitive e-commerce landscape, businesses are continually putting their best efforts into creating high-quality images. In hanging objects, there is lots of work that needs to be done to fine-tune your images. From removing backgrounds to eliminating unwanted objects to adding the right adjustment, you need to retouch images like a pro and make them look as attractive as possible.   

Using Shadows


Using shadows on your product images can give them a more realistic and polished look. If a product looks unnatural in a white background, creating shadows can make the images come to life.

Look at the image above, how natural it looks. When a customer sees it at a first glance, he will feel more confident about buying the product because of its natural and realistic look. 

If you are on a mission to take your e-commerce to the next level, your images must take the customers by storm. To stand out, give your customers a reason to buy: create high-quality images that look real and lead your customers to purchase.

Showcasing Different Colors

Showcasing different colors in your product images can give customers room to choose their desired product. When customers visit a local store, they easily can see different colored products nicely organized in a rack. 

If you have products that are available in different colors, you can show them in your images. Often, you may not be able to show the real color in images due to the lack of the right product photography. There’s nothing to be worried about, with proper image editing skills, you can add the right colors, tone, brightness, and saturation to your images.

Grouped product images

Grouped product images

Grouped product images can be great for offering a package on your e-commerce website. It may take a bit more time and effort than a single product image.

If you have multiple products that you want to show in one image,  you can gather all of the products in one place to take shots or you can add every single product using photoshop or other image editing tools. 

Showcasing Products From Various Angles

Showing product images from various angles can significantly improve your conversion rates. Also, it helps your customers see every corner of the products. It can be anything: top, bottom, front, back, interior, exterior, and every detail of the product should be shown in front of the customers. It’s likely that the more detailed information you provide in your images the more you can acquire customers. 

Detailed Images

Detailed product images can give customers a deeper look. And today, every detail in product image matters in the e-commerce industry. If you have products like jewelry, it’s not enough to take a general shot and retouch them. Jewelry products are expensive and can be challenging to edit and showcase the details. Because jewelry images contain more unwanted reflections, smudges, and inappropriate lighting. In order to engage more customers, upload detailed images so customers can trust your business. 


When you start e-commerce, you should go through a variety of product images to see what works best for you. Attractive images always play a vital role in advertising and marketing. These 10 types of product images you can focus on to upload on your eCommerce, get ahead of your competitors, and increase your business at a large scale.    

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