Clothing Photography Plan to Improve Your eCommerce Sales

Clothing Photography Plan

A proper clothing photography plan can have a significant impact on your eCommerce sales. When it comes to online clothes purchases, your clothing images must encourage customers to buy. Entrepreneurs in the eCommerce industry have been striving for the most clients by using high-quality clothes product photos. To win the competition, you must have a well-thought-out strategy in place before photographing your apparel. Your clothing photographs will appear excellent if you have a well-thought-out clothing photography studio plan. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Importance of Good Clothing Photography

People have seen a significant outcome in those clothing that are photographed correctly and fine-tuned since the eCommerce business began its adventure. This is just one of several strategies for improving customer satisfaction, product reputation, and eventually customer loyalty.

Clothing is one of the most popular items. As a result, in order to increase your overall eCommerce sales, you must have consistent and high-quality clothes images.

To engage more customers, clothing photography for eCommerce now requires a clean background and high-end retouching. Photographing product photographs, on the other hand, is not as straightforward as pointing and shooting. 

You must follow a suitable eCommerce clothing product photography approach in order to make stunning clothing images. This post will walk you through some fundamental and best practices ideas to assist you.

Types Photoshoots You Should Consider In Clothing Photography

Clothing is one of the most versatile forms of imagery, which is why there are so many different styles. Clothing photography serves a variety of purposes. To stand out, you must first decide what you want to achieve. Clothing is one of the most adaptable forms of visual expression. The types of photoshoots for clothing that are both unique and visually interesting are listed below.

Product Photography Against background 

This type of photography usually necessitates a white or light background, with your clothing items laid flat on a table, shot on a ghost mannequin, or shot hanging or pinned. Products are more focused on this manner, and you can use it on your brand’s website. This is a great way to display your clothing items in such a way that they are seen as art rather than a product.

Lifestyle Photoshoot 

This type of photoshoot offers a more realistic representation of clothing items. because it contains real-life contexts, proposals, and models This is an excellent way to define, target, and connect with your target audience. The best part about these types of photoshoots is that they are inexpensive and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Editorial Photography

This is a more imaginative way of telling your company’s story. To create imagery that sets you apart from the competition, you’ll need a lot of planning and resources. Editorials are appropriate for a fashion magazine interview or a front-page commercial; a brand launch is also an appropriate time for this type of photoshoot. This type of photoshoot can also be used to promote a new product or a product launch.

How to Plan a Fashion Photoshoot 

Plan a Fashion Photoshoot 

To get beautiful clothing images, fashion photoshoots require a lot of time and effort. The clothing photography plan involves a variety of items such as camera setup, lighting, a model, and backdrops, among other things.

Typically, the beauty of clothing images is shown when they are taken from the proper location and angle. Clothing stylists are also the ones that help us overcome this obstacle by allowing us to take stunning clothing shots in a number of ways.

You also need to know what styles go best with your clothes and based on that, you will be able to get what equipment you’ll need. The following are the recommended practices for better clothing photography planning.

Best Practices for Clothing Photography Plan

Practices for Clothing Photography Plan

Prepare Your Clothing 

First and foremost, you must prepare your clothing for shooting. The color, size, and fabrics are the factors to keep in mind when preparing the clothing.

For example, you have high-quality products, but the model you chose does not appear to be as attractive, It would not work. As a result, make sure your clothes products are ready before the photo session.

It’s also a wise decision that If you remove the labels, clean and iron the clothing. Your apparel photographs will appear more vibrant and appealing in this manner.

Find a Location for the Photosession

A white and clean background set up in a photo studio works well for eCommerce clothing photography. However, in order to bring out the beauty of your clothes photographs, you may need to use busy backgrounds.

For example, If you sell luxury clothing items, a white background might not be enough to entice customers. Instead, they look stunning in romantic settings like castles, museums, galleries, city squares, and rooftops.

Make sure the weather and natural light are ideal for capturing better photographs while choosing a location outside of the photo studio. Also, don’t forget to incorporate plants and flowers into your clothes presentation as natural accessories.

Plan a Photoshoot Day

When you arrange a photography day ahead of time, it’s easy to get high-quality shots that meet your expectations. Because it is advantageous to remember what to prepare for the photography on the day of the session. You’ll need everything ready for clothing photography ideas, from camera setup to lighting to backdrops. It will save you time and take a weight off your shoulders if you have everything ready on the day of the event.

Camera Setup for Clothing Photography 

Camera Setup for Clothing Photography 

A good camera setup is essential when photographing clothing. You can get high-quality clothing photographs with any camera by using the correct settings and positioning. Setting up a camera, on the other hand, isn’t as difficult as it may appear. The camera’s manual mode can even handle ISO, aperture, and shutter speed automatically. However, if you want the best clothing images, you must consider the settings of the camera.

Before taking a single shot, set up the camera on a tripod. It helps the camera to create a stable position, reduce shake and get the right shots. Using a tripod you can get multiple shots from different angles without harming the consistency of the photo’s image.

Keep ISO as low as possible. You can increase the ISO if you take shots in lower light because it adds more light to your photo and makes the image perfect. Also, you should keep the aperture as high as possible (F16 or F22) while photographing product images. Besides, keep shutter speed slow and steady. 

Clothing Photography Lighting 

Clothing Photography Lighting 

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You can get more details and improve the appearance of your clothing with the right lighting setup. Use enough lights and reflectors to produce a pure white background for the best results. Consider the proper camera settings to get better exposure for your clothes product shots.

Clothing Photography Background

You must first set up your background before shooting your clothes product shots. Most studios use white or green backgrounds to emphasize the images in front of the clients. There are a lot of less expensive green screen backdrops available on the internet that you may look at and buy. When shopping for a background, make sure it comes with stands and is big enough to cover the entire object. 

Apply Mannequin or Model to Your Clothing Photography Plan

Mannequin or Model to Your Clothing Photography Plan

Use models or ghost mannequins to create a variety of excellent looks for your clothes photos. A model allows you to take a variety of photographs in various fashions, and ghost mannequins provide 3D effects all around clothing. As a result, the appearance of your clothes photographs becomes more realistic and enticing. Customers want to buy apparel items that reveal their true beauty, and it is your responsibility to bring that out and present it to them.

Flat Lay Clothing Photography

Flat-lay clothing photography for eCommerce is one of the best approaches. Because it does not require any mannequins or models, this strategy can create the most basic impression in an internet business. 

Flat lay clothes photos may boost online sales of any goods by allowing customers to visualize what they want. It’s as simple as laying out the outfits and taking the photos.

Before deciding on the flat lay plan, keep in mind that not all pieces of clothes are appropriate for this procedure, but some are. Suits, knitted clothing, and cashmere, for example, are all excellent choices for flat-lay pictures.

Apply Professional Editing 

Taking photos and uploading them to your eCommerce site isn’t enough. There’s a good chance that your clothing photographs will have flaws. Using image editing techniques can improve the appeal of your photos. You can employ a professional image editing service to fit your needs if you don’t have the time or abilities to retouch your image appropriately.

The Final Words

To get the greatest photographs possible, every eCommerce owner, online retailer, and the business owner goes through the clothing photography plan. You may see a large increase in sales if your clothing items are beautifully photographed. Clothing photography for eCommerce websites takes a significant amount of time and work through, You may go a long way toward expanding your business on a large scale if you use the above tips.

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