Complete Guide to Flat-lay Clothing Photography in 2022

Flat-lay Clothing Photography

There is undoubtedly a trend in product photography to speak of, with millions of photographs collected on Instagram as flat lay photographs.

Many e-commerce enterprises opt for this method of presenting their fashion and cosmetic products. Therefore, we’ve put up a complete flat lay clothing photography guideline with suggestions on product setup, photo session, and post-production to help you learn more about flat lay photography for clothing.

What is flat lay photography, and how does it differ from other types of photography?

flat lay photography

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To put it simply, flat lay photography is a photograph in which the subject(s) are arranged on a solid surface and captured from above. The bird’s eye view is another name for it.

There are no angles shown since the surface and the lens is parallel from a fixed distance apart. Instead, the picture displays a specific aspect taken from a similar position above the surface, which is flat.

A bird’s eye view of what you are capturing is a trendy genre of photography on social media platforms. It’s a fantastic method to showcase the items of a small business as an eCommerce business.

Importance of Flat Lay Photography for eCommerce business

Flat Lay Photography for eCommerce business

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If you’re looking for an innovative way to promote your business, flat lays are a great way to do it. You may utilize a variety of props to get people thinking about your brand and its products. In addition, this is a great way to call attention to the things in your life that you enjoy photographing.

Flat lay photography can be used in various ways, including for your website, social media, and more.

We strongly encourage business owners to be creative and strategic in using flat lays because they are different and have a lifestyle feel to them. Make the most of your flat lays in your marketing efforts, whether it’s an Instagram campaign or a landing page for your website.

You may tell an incoherent story through flat lays. However, your ideal customers will be able to learn more about your business than they could have learned through your website or a well-executed marketing campaign.

As a result, this way of promoting your apparel photographs as an eCommerce seller is incredibly advantageous because it allows customers to experience your style, vision, and tone firsthand.

How to take the best Flat Lay Clothing Photography?

Table for Photographing Flat lays

Table for Photographing Flat lays

To take flat lay photos, you’ll need to use specialized equipment such as a camera mount and a backlit table. In addition, there is lateral lighting that can be controlled in terms of intensity and range.

Tripod to Hold The Camera

Tripod to Hold The Camera

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Two of the main elements for flat lay photography are the height at which the photo is taken and a high-quality clear shot. Both of these can be solved if you use a tripod as you can adjust the height of the legs and not have to worry about any shakiness of the camera ruining the image.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Pay Attention to Lighting

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One of the essential things for photography is lighting, as different kinds of lighting can set the mood for a shot. For example, you can utilize natural lighting to make the picture feel warmer and more welcoming while opting for dark and shadowy lighting will make the image moody.

Get Creative with the Background

Get Creative with the Background

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The background attracts the attention of viewers and also enhances the photo. Choose and set up your background depending on the theme of your product.

Add Complexity with Layers

Add Complexity with Layers

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Using multiple layers like different colors and props for background gives more visual appeal. You can also make an illusionary layer by making the camera’s depth of field shallow, so the background looks infinite. 

Closeups for Details

Closeups for Details

Along with full-body photos, you’ll also need to take closeups of your products for your customer to know the product better.  

Setting Up the Shot 

Setting Up the Shot 

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Composing the image according to the product is very important because it is the deciding factor if the image and hence the product is attractive or not. Choosing the right way to place your clothing and props in a way that complements each is something you’ll need to be careful about.

Stand Out with Contrast and Color

To make your product pop out and look more appealing, you will need to use backgrounds or backdrops of the opposite color to the product. For example, you can use dark wallpapers for light-colored clothing items. 

Editing in Post-Production

Post-production is extremely important to give your product photo the final touch. Color correction and retouching are the most common edits, along with fixing details like tiny blemishes or light flare.

Photo editing is one of the very important parts of any photography; therefore, getting a photo editing service for your eCommerce business is always worth it and is also recommended by experts. 

For affordability, you can always opt for an online photo editing company that gives out good and professional services, such as Uk Clipping Path.

What Are the Equipment Needed for Flat Lay Clothing Photography? 

Equipment Needed for Flat Lay Clothing Photography

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Flat Lay Photography is one of the easiest clothing photography techniques to master, but even then, it needs work and time out into it. It’s the same with equipment. 

While it may seem like this type of photography needs nothing more than a sturdy tripod and a phone camera, there is a lot more equipment needed to create the perfect setup. Here are some of the most important and basic equipment needed for professional flat lay clothing photography.

High-Quality Camera

While this seems like a given, you will have the best chance of getting perfect shots with a DSLR rather than an average phone camera. This is because DSLR allows more details and intricacies to be visible and enhances the image’s visual appeal.

Extra Lens

It is always recommended to have multiple lenses with different variations available to have multiple options during shooting.

Studio Lights

While natural sunlight should always be on the top of the list, artificial lights can work wonders as well. You can manipulate the lighting to give the desired shadow effect you’re trying to achieve.

Double Sided Tape

This may seem trivial, but a double-sided tape can prove to be a lifesaver when needed. It is perfect for when you need to fasten the clothing article to the platform for it to be still. 

White Coloured Board

A whiteboard can be perfectly used as an alternative for reflectors as they can be quite pricey. You can also use the board as a backdrop or the platform for your photograph. 

Tips On Flat Lay Clothing Photography

Tips On Flat Lay Clothing Photography

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Complete the Outfit

Compose the entire outfit and take the photo with all of the outfit articles visible so that the viewer can understand how your product can look good if they buy it. 

Follow a Color Scheme

Arrange your backdrops and props in a way that matches the color of the clothing product to have a consistent theme. This gives the picture an aesthetic vibe.

To create a user-friendly color scheme, consider the color of your website’s background. In that case, you can use the dark mode option. This could be a useful feature for increasing user interaction. if you have a WordPress site you can use the “WP Dark Mode Plugin by Dark My Site“. This plugin allows you to customize the color scheme to your liking, and also offers several other features to enhance the user experience, such as a switch to toggle between dark and light modes.

Layer Your Clothing Items

Set your clothes in the way a person would wear them. For example, put the shirt inside the jacket to make it seem like a ghost mannequin.

Don’t Limit Frame 

When shooting the pictures, keep your canvas as open as possible without affecting the picture as it will give you more room to work with, especially in post-production. 

Take Multiple Shots

The best way to secure the perfect photo to upload is when you’ll have lots of different shots to choose from, as you will be able to see which one came out better.

Variation In Angles

While there might not be much to change from the high centered angle, you can change it up once in a while by tilting the camera to the right or left for a little variety.

Final Words

Flat lay clothing photography may seem like a lot of work, and you may feel intimidated, especially if you’re a beginner photographer. However, the key to successful photography is practice and time. So follow these tips to the best of your ability and pay attention to your photo editing in the post-production process, as it plays a huge role in product photography.

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