How to Get Jewelry Images Ready for Your Online Store

Jewelry Images Ready for Your Online Store

Do you have any plans to open an internet jewelry store? Maybe you already have one, but you’re not sure how to keep a consistent stream of customers interested in your products. It might be difficult to showcase and sell jewelry products on the internet. 

However, if you have some insider knowledge, you’ll find it more enjoyable and simple than others. To provide you with a glimpse of the most crucial component of an internet jewelry store, it’s all about your jewelry images.

What do you need to do to set up for taking great jewelry images?

set up for taking great jewelry images

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1. A Camera with Spot Focus 

Consult your camera’s handbook and learn how to use the spot focus feature to acquire the sharp, clear focus required for jewelry photography. This will enable your camera to focus on the precise area you desire.  

2. A tripod and camera remote 

The fine detail of most jewelry needs flawless clarity. No matter how skilled a human hand is, it will always move slightly. Using a tripod, even a low-quality one, is preferable to not using one at all.  It’s best if you don’t have to touch your camera as often as possible.  

3. Soft Fluorescent Lighting 

Soft Fluorescent Lighting

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When photographing jewelry, avoid using camera flashes and instead use continuous soft fluorescent lighting or daylight lighting bulbs. The daylight bulbs also have the advantage of not overheating during long photoshoots, making them considerably more comfortable to work with.  

4.  A Light Tent 

Shadows are a common issue with jewelry photography. Consider obtaining a tiny light tent to lay your pieces in to ensure a bright sheen and a white, uncluttered background. The light tent will produce soft lighting quickly and easily, as well as help diffuse any fluorescent lighting you might be employing.  

5. Use Mannequin Busts  

Use Mannequin Busts

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Using mannequin busts allows you to display jewelry products in a realistic manner, which many clients will appreciate. When employing mannequin busts, white ones can occasionally seem nicer since they appear more real. Compare the looks of a given jewelry item on black and white mannequin busts and you’ll quickly discover your choice. Then use that bust throughout your website.  

6. Hire a Model 

Hire a Model

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Models are not cheap. The best part about photographing jewelry with models is that you can experiment with different postures and angles. Mannequins make this impossible. Many online companies hire models because they believe it helps them form a stronger bond with their customers, which is accurate, consider hiring a model for a short session to capture some of your most important images.  

7. Make phantom mannequins 

Ghost mannequins can instantly take your jewelry photographs to the next level for more complicated pieces. The purpose of ghost mannequins is to make jewelry appear to be floating on an invisible human shape. Using ghost mannequins to give huge necklaces a lovely three-dimensional appearance is a great way to go.

8. Consider a Freeze Frame     

A Freeze Frame could be a good alternative to Ghost Mannequins. Freeze Frames are easier to work with and less expensive than Ghost Mannequins unless you already own mannequins. These frames are also excellent for preventing shadows.  

9. Cardboard 

It may be a suitable substitute for mannequins, Freeze Frames, and busts when you’re on a budget. Take a piece of cardboard and wrap it on white paper. Simply use it as a jewelry clipboard after that. Simply pin the necklace’s ends to the back and take a picture!

How to Get Jewelry Images Ready for Your Online Store

Jewelry Images Ready for Online Store

Learn about the product image requirements for jewelry photo editing

 The technical category and site standard rules apply to every eCommerce platform’s product image requirements. Different sites will have their own requirements and rules to meet. For example, Amazon wants a white background for the primary product image, whereas eBay supports white to light gray.

Meanwhile, Etsy is less limiting in terms of picture creation: aside from file format and file size, you’re free to express your creative and artistic side. Knowing these criteria ahead of time saves you time and makes the task easier; however, if you’re using various e-commerce platforms, it gets more difficult.

 If you’re selling on multiple platforms, keeping track of those standards and complying with them becomes time-consuming and intensive because each site may have its own set of rules.

Furthermore, the software automates the application of watermarks, shuffling, and flipping of photographs, as well as the generation of crucial image attributes such as SEO-friendly titles, alt tags, and more. This simply frees up a substantial amount of time, allowing you to regain control of your organization.

Create a style guide for your jewelry photo editing 

Before you start clicking your camera, make sure you have a style guide in place. Consistency is one of the seven principles of persuasion in e-commerce, consistency is also important. 

Because potential buyers will judge you and your business based on the style and aesthetics of your product images, you must be able to maintain consistency in your product photography. These images will serve as the entire basis for their first impression of you as a company. 

Use jewelry photo retouching to fix errors 

Post-production is an important part of jewelry photography. It’s not always essential, but it’s strongly advised because it allows you to control the quality of your images. Even experienced photographers use post-production software to enhance their photographs. Post-processing is for photographers, much as editing is for authors. 

There are a lot of things you can do in post-production. You may restore your jewelry shots to perfection if they were too dark, dull, or overexposed. You may also fix the color accuracy of your jewels and remove defects such as fingerprints that may appear in a high-resolution image. 

If you don’t have the necessary technical skills and don’t know your way around Photoshop, you can easily outsource all of your jewelry photo retouching assignments to professional services readily available online, like UK Clipping Path with high-quality results and affordable rates. Our retouching operations have the advantage of guaranteeing pixel-perfect results in a fraction of the time. It’s neat and professional, and you’ll save a lot of time and effort. 

Cameras are not without flaws. The results you get from your photography equipment, no matter how advanced it is, may not always be true to life.

Make jewelry look desirable through jewelry photo editing  

For jewelry eCommerce, product photographs are vital. Promotional pictures and photos illustrating the purchasing process are crucial components of an eCommerce media kit.  It’s not necessary that you’ll be the one to put it to use. 

The “gifting procedure” photographs are significant in this scenario. What is the overall appearance of the box? Is there any sort of bag here? Is there any paperwork proving the value or quality of the jewelry?

Final Words

Despite what most internet store owners believe, shooting jewelry may be simple and enjoyable. You won’t even need a large studio setup because jewelry products are little. 

To take your jewelry photography to the next level, use the suggestions and recommendations above to generate eye-catching photographs, attract more customers, and raise your sales. With the appropriate arrangement, even beginner photographers can capture fantastic jewelry photographs.

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