Product Image Background Requirements for Top eCommerce Websites

Product Image Background

Background photos will not be the first thing that comes to mind when developing an eCommerce site, but they are critical for tying a site’s design together and improving the overall appearance, feel, and function. 

Your eCommerce site’s background picture will be a workhorse, helping to unify and professionalize the design. Using subtle variations in gradients, textures, and color contrast, background images can also help lead your website’s UX pathway, directing the attention to calls-to-action or buttons. When it comes to eCommerce platforms, though, exposure isn’t everything. 

Although Amazon has the greatest client base, lesser marketplaces (such as Walmart) have less competition, allowing you to attract more buyers. Furthermore, rather than following the standard requirements of other eCommerce systems, unique web stores provide significantly more customization and allow you to tailor the purchasing experience. 

However, selling on the proper platform isn’t the only way to boost profits. It’s all about diversifying your eCommerce channels and broadening your reach.

Different types of website background images

  • Background images that are “edgeless” to help with responsive design. When it comes to building flexible website designs, background pictures with invisible margins will prove to be a valuable tool. These edgeless photos are your new best friend if you want your eCommerce site to seem as fluid and attractive on the desktop as it does on mobile devices. 
  • Background images provide visual signals that guide the user experience route. This visual indication draws the user’s attention to a button, call-to-action, menu item, or coupon code. Color, contrast, light, and shape can assist bring attention to certain places on a layout.   
  • Background textures that give digital product photos a sense of depth and aspiration. In comparison to your eCommerce site’s homepage, your product pages may feel a touch dull. While it’s crucial to focus on the product, a stark white background isn’t always the greatest choice for eCommerce sites.    
  • Background photos for product mockups, which allow sites to simulate the tactile experience of shopping in a store. Background pictures can help eCommerce sites simulate the physical retail experience. Product presentation is important in making what you sell feel real, even if it is merely a digital image on your website.    
  • Background images with a theme help to reinforce the company identity or the type of product for sale. A thematic background image might help visitors understand your site’s purpose. These site-specific, thematic backdrop images refer to the products you sell or use brand colors or graphics.

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Product Image Background Requirements for Top eCommerce Websites

Product Image Background Requirements

Certain websites have their own criteria regarding the background of product images. These are e-commerce websites that meet certain requirements when it comes to the product image. 

1. Amazon – Background Removal and Editing Requirements

Amazon’s Photo Requirements  

  • The image must be the product’s cover art or a professional shot.  
  • There will be no sketches, illustrations, or concept art  
  • In addition to the goods, the photograph must not include any superfluous or misleading things.  
  • The image must be sharp, lighted professionally, taken, or scanned in a manner that accurately depicts the colors and edges.  
  • The graphics used on books, music, video, and DVD must be the front cover art and must fill the entire image frame.  
  • Products should account for approximately 85 percent of the image frame.  
  • The full product picture should be there 
  • The background must be a pure white color (RGB 255, 255, 255)  
  • There must be no other text, photos, or graphics in the image.  
  • There shall be no obscene or indecent items in the picture.

2. Etsy – Background Removal and Editing Requirements

Etsy’s Photo requirements

  • The focal point of the image must be visible in cropped thumbnail views, hence images must be horizontal or square.  
  • Because of the way Etsy crops photographs for use as gallery images and thumbnails, the product must be in the center of the shot
  • If you’re selling prints or original artwork, you should use a photograph of the artwork instead of a digital file.  
  • Watermarks should not be there since they make the photographs inappropriate for off-site advertising programs, according to Etsy.

3. E-Bay – Background Removal and Editing Requirements

Photo Requirements for E-Bay

  • To make the focus on the item rather than the background, it’s best to utilize a plain, uncluttered background.
  • Turn off your device’s flash and make sure the lights are appropriately distributed throughout the entire item to light photographs evenly.
  • To avoid a fuzzy image, keep your camera steady.
  • When feasible, take high-resolution photos to ensure clear details and prevent blurring.
  • Put your item in the complete frame.
  • Use various angles to capture the merchandise.
  • In your images, don’t use any filters or color tints.
  • It’s best to take detailed close-ups.

4. – Background Removal and Editing Requirements Photo Requirements    

  • Without props or models, only the actual product should be in the picture.   
  • There can’t be anything offensive or profane in the images.    
  • Images with banned content should not be in the picture

5. – Background Removal and Editing Requirements

Requirements for Uploading Product Photos on Alibaba  

  • The maximum filesize for the image should be 3 MB.  
  • Maximum resolution: 1000 x 1000 pixels  
  • Number of Images 4 photos in the banner, with a maximum of 15 photos for Gold Suppliers.  
  • The name of the photo must be in English, Chinese, or numbers.

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Final Words

When it comes to eCommerce site design, the background image isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind. These are the requirements you must fulfill in order to upload your product images to these e-commerce sites. 

These conditions, which you need to do, are what make these e-commerce sites so well-known, as meeting them improves the site’s quality and allows the consumer to pay more attention to the goods. This would also benefit sellers who wish to offer their goods on these e-commerce platforms.

There’s a background image for every eCommerce product image, whether you want a subtle texture to make product pages feel more sumptuous and tactile, or a thematic background image to make the browsing experience feel more immersive.

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