White Background Product Photography – Full Guide [2022]

white background product photography

High-quality product photography is essential to boosting your sales in e-commerce. Without actually seeing or using your products, product images can help you communicate their value and functionality. 

It demonstrates to prospective buyers that you are selling high-quality goods that are worthy of their hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the funds to commission a pro photographer to create images for their online stores that are ready for retail.

At UK Clipping Path, we help eCommerce retailers and photographers in accelerating their photography strategy as we as we support them by editing images.  

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll share our best advice on how to pick the best camera, set up your workspace properly, and edit your photos to give them the polished, retail-ready appearance that your customers expect.

Why Would you Use White Background Product Photography?

Use White Background Product Photography

The most common and favored method of product photography uses a white background. The use of white backgrounds in photography by almost all eCommerce businesses results in a recognizable brand. There are many reasons to use a white background, most of which are listed here.

It Highlights Your Product

The best way to highlight your product is with white background product photography because there are no background distractions and the product is better focused. With a white background, your products look great and it pops when customers look for a product online.

White Background Photography Offers More Versatility 

The white background is necessary for many uses. White background photos are required by businesses like Amazon and Google Shopping, for instance, because they increase the consistency, clarity, and transparency that all customers value. Photographs with a white background are very powerful and versatile. Whether you’re creating a billboard or running an internet campaign, you’ll need a white background product image to display more consistently.

White Background Photography is Affordable 

Due to the widespread availability of white background photography services, photographers have developed a number of simpler methods to lower costs and produce white background images of higher quality. The most intriguing aspect of white background photography is how reasonably priced it is. A flawless white background will not only make your images look professional, but it will also make them very adaptable to your particular needs.

Isolating is Easy with White Background Photographs

White background photographs will make it simple for you to isolate products, allowing you to quickly concentrate on one thing and produce a stunning image. Additionally, if you want to make a product slideshow from various perspectives, this works fantastically.

White Background Photography Offers More Consistency 

Image consistency is ensured by using a white background for product photography. This increases the trust that potential customers have in your brand by giving them the impression that what you’re offering is professional. Online shoppers dislike backgrounds with unusual lighting and angles that are confusing or distracting.

Makes the Product Stand Out

a white background lets your product shine. It moves to the side as your product takes center stage. It may also give the impression that your product is emerging from the screen. You only have a brief window of time to leave a positive impression on customers. One of the quickest ways to lose their attention is to let your product disappear or blend into the background. White backgrounds prevent this from happening.

Universal Versatility

When it comes to images for digital marketing, versatility is king. Ecommerce photography with a white background checks that box. large scale that’s because major e-commerce sites (like Google & Amazon) have background color specifications. On Google Shopping, you can only use white or light backgrounds, and for the main listing image on Amazon, you can only use white backgrounds overall. When you use a white background for your product image, you can use that same image across two or three different eCommerce channels.

Ease of Editing

Any image editor can edit a product photo with a background, which makes their job simple. simply incorporate some Photoshop magic. White backgrounds produce sharp, clean edges, which facilitates easy image editing. easy lasso and run and you won’t experience the strange tones that come with backgrounds with color. The hue and tone of your product can be affected by light that is reflected off of colored backgrounds. The white background will make experimenting with the hue and tone less necessary.

How White Background Images Affect On E-Commerce 

Manufacturers and retailers need a lot of visuals, including photos with a white product background, to promote their products online. However, it might be too time- and money-consuming to photograph every item. After all, you have to place an order for samples or prototypes, bring them all to the studio, and spend hours taking individual photos of each one.

Due to varying lighting and angles, since this type of product photography is entirely manual, sometimes images end up looking different. Listings with these images appear unprofessional and unattractive as a result. Consequently, to obtain high-quality product images, you must either spend a sizable sum on professional photography. 

Connecting the Customers 

Product photography develops a perspective of your brand by affecting the human brain’s ability to visualize. People associate your brand favorably with their brand when it displays the ideal images. People frequently use photographs with white backgrounds because of this. Most businesses use expert photography to display their goods, and those that do so are significantly more successful and pertinent than those that don’t.

Increasing Trust 

The majority of customers won’t buy your products if your product images are unattractive. Obviously, when visitors to your website see images, they might have a lot of questions about the goods and services you offer, so make your images as eye-catching as you can to capture their attention. Product photography with a white background helps you create a fantastic visual representation of your product and establish greater credibility. You can add realism and convince people that your products are exceptional and of high quality if your images are satisfactory after being photographed.

Increasing Revenue

Every retailer, eCommerce site, and even every other type of business strives to boost sales. Since customers prefer to purchase products that are visually more consistent and clear, white background photography helps to increase revenue because it has been demonstrated that these images are more likely to result in a conversion.

White Background Product Photography Full Guideline

What You Will Need For Product Photography:



Even though it might seem like the best option for getting photos that look professional, the camera is actually the most essential piece of equipment for a product photography setup, so you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money on one.

You’ll be able to take photos with your current camera that are on par with those taken in a studio.

Nowadays, everyone owns a camera, whether it be an old point-and-shoot, a more sophisticated model, or one that is built into their smartphone.

There are a variety of techniques you can use to improve the professionalism of your product images, and the setup doesn’t necessarily need to revolve around one camera. With the right lighting and styling, you can produce photographs of an equivalent caliber to those produced by a professional product photography studio.

Regarding the camera, don’t worry. Try out what you already have at home before you go on a shopping binge (here’s a guide to smartphone product photography). I suggest purchasing a camera with manual exposure and aperture settings if you insist on purchasing new equipment.

Background Setup

Background Setup

Setting up the background is a crucial step before shooting your product images. To highlight the images in front of customers, most studios use white or green backgrounds. Use a white sweep or paper sweep to cover the white background. Additionally, you can look at and purchase a green screen for a lot less money online. However, if the background setup is mounted precisely, it can help you create stunning product images.

Lighting Setup 

Lighting Setup

There are many lighting options available for product photography; all you need to know is how each type of light functions and which is best for you. Naturally, strobes or speed lights are used by professionals, but for budget photography, natural light is a more practical and useful option. The following is a list of the most popular lighting options.

Since the sun and moon provide all of the natural lighting for outdoor photography, no additional lighting is needed. The most practical method of getting light is when it enters through the window. You only need some white foam board sheets and reflectors to get started. This kind of natural light can be used to photograph products instead of purchasing studio lighting if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Today, the most popular materials used to create window lights are polystyrene boards and reflectors. You can change the amount of natural light that enters your room.

When compared to natural lighting sources like sunlight or moonlight, artificial light is created without the use of natural resources.

As needed, artificial lighting can be adjusted. For instance, we use speed lights, studio strobes, incandescent lights, and other types of artificial light when taking nighttime photographs.

Because it enables me to take pictures that are almost impossible to take in natural light, I prefer artificial light to natural light. It uses continuous lighting and flashes to capture amazing images. You can add a variety of characteristics to your product images by spending a few dollars on a lighting setup. To improve an image’s appeal, you can alter its brightness, clarity, color, and other elements.



A tripod is a crucial piece of gear to have when taking product photos because it helps to dampen vibration and noise. A tripod is required because every photographer may not be able to completely eliminate vibration and noise through their hands. It helps to support the camera and capture clear images. With the tripod, you can take pictures from a variety of angles, giving you a range of choices for achieving consistency in lighting for product photography. A good tripod can be a beneficial tool in the product photography studio setup.

Shooting Table 

Shooting Table

This can be any completely flat surface in your home that you can shoot on, including a table, chair, stool, or counter. Make sure you can position your shooting table or stand next to a window if you’re using natural light. 

Best Practices For White Background Product Photography

Camera Setups for White Background Product Photography 

camera setup

There are numerous settings on the camera to improve lighting output, exposure, and overall color perfection.

ISO refers to the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor. This is one of three key exposure control elements that allow your camera to gain light. The lower the ISO, the better the image will turn out in most cases. If you’re taking photos in low light, you can increase the ISO to brighten the image and make it perfect, but start with the lowest ISO possible and gradually increase until your product images look right.

The amount of light that passes through the camera lens is measured in aperture, which ranges from F1 to F22. The lower aperture passes more light to your camera, while the higher aperture passes less light, to represent the suitable apertures. You will gain a better understanding if you take multiple shots with different apertures. When photographing product images, keep the aperture as high as possible (F16 or F22) because your product requires more focus.

The exposure time, or how long the camera’s sensor is exposed to light while taking pictures, is determined by the shutter speed of your camera. A faster shutter speed, on the other hand, can cause your image to freeze, whereas a slower shutter speed can result in motion blur.

Lighting setups for white background product photography

Lighting setups

The lighting configuration is likely the most crucial element in obtaining a white background. Here I’ll be talking about what would you need for a perfect lighting setup and best practices of them. 

Using Lighting Tent 

Using a light tent to produce a soft, diffused lighting environment inside is one of the best lighting techniques for product photography. It resembles a wireframe cube wrapped in flimsy white fabric, with one side left open so you can point your camera inside and take pictures of whatever is inside. Light tents can be a good substitute for diffusion sheets, but they frequently scatter the light, producing a flat image.

Using Lighting Kit 

A lighting kit is a collection of expert lights, light stands, and additional lighting equipment that provides a full lighting solution for product photography. A set of lamps, light modifiers, umbrellas, and other specialist equipment needed for the photography are included in the lighting kit. Make sure that the kit you intend to purchase includes all the required accessories.

Using Reflector

A reflector for photography is simply a tool that reflects light. The light from a flash or studio strobe is sometimes redirected by a reflector, which does not actually produce light as a flash does.

You can either build a more intricate setup, like the one shown above (which only makes use of one on-camera flash and four reflectors), or you can simplify it for straightforward fill lighting.

For fantastic, bounced fill light, simply position a reflector in the opposite direction of your primary light source. To soften all of the sharp features and shadows under the eyes and chin, you can also place a reflector in the subject’s lap or directly in front of them at an angle.

Setting up the Table Properly 

Setting up Shooting Table (1)

To take the best possible product photos, you must prepare your shooting area. Once you’ve gathered everything you’ll need, it’s time to set up your shooting area so you can take high-quality pictures. The table should be placed as close to the window as possible in the first step. Remember that there’s a good chance you’ll walk into the shadow of the windowsill. Start with the window 90 degrees to the right or left of your setup for softer light.

It’s important to note that in order to prevent contamination of the set, all other lights in the room must be turned off. This is a crucial point and the most typical error.

When everything is in place, turn the window in different directions to get the best light. A different choice is to place your equipment in a garage with the door open. This will let light into the space similar to a window but without the glass.

It’s not a good idea to expose your set to direct sunlight. The majority of people and most products look less appealing when exposed to harsh direct sunlight.

Setting up the White Background 

Setting up the White Background 

Most eCommerce platforms require that sellers take pictures of their products against a white or natural background. Some advocate using professional studio photography to help businesses draw in more clients.

If you’re on a tight budget, consider using a white wall, specialty background paper, or a trifold sheet of cardboard in the color white. You can easily build your own small lighting studio for not much money and time.

Background Removal Service In UK Clipping Path

Background Removal Service

If you want to do background removal professionally, it is not that simple. because it requires highly qualified professionals. There are numerous online tools that enable you to eliminate the background with a few clicks, but those tools won’t result in images that are of a high caliber.

To make your images look more professional, using a background removal service is the best choice.

For instance, the team of experts at UK Clipping Path has more than ten years of experience removing image backgrounds. 

We employ every method conceivable to accurately remove background and create an image that is more professional than anything you have ever seen. Additionally, our experts collaborate closely to meet your needs and we are concerned with everything your brand needs.

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