20+ Family Photography Ideas and Examples You Can Try in 2022

Family photo idea

Family photos that are beautiful and timeless are always in demand, but it’s not always possible that everyone will know all the little nuances needed for this type of photography. Therefore, we have listed 20 helpful ways to increase and elevate your family photography ideas.

Although the fashions or trends in your old family photos may be out of date, and one of your family photo poses may have created some hilarious odd results, shooting family portraits has remained a popular pastime since the beginning of photography.

People constantly want to save memories of their near and dear ones, which is one reason why photographers who take family pictures or photographs never run out of work!

Here are some suggestions and family photoshoot ideas for capturing really beautiful family pictures, whether you’re attempting to establish portrait photographers or want to earn some extra money with your photography talents!

 1. Break the Monotony

Break the Monotony

Are you looking for some unique family photography ideas to break the monotony? These will enable you to shoot some distinctive and entertaining family photos that will stand out in your web portfolio.

Make your pets part of the shoot. Many people consider their dogs and cats to be family members, and pet portraits are becoming increasingly popular, so why not include the family’s furry members in the family portrait?

While you’re shooting, let the animal go around and engage with the family; this could result in some fantastic unplanned moments.
If anybody in the family enjoys soccer, have them play the ball around. If your family enjoys baseball, play a game of catch with them.
Going back to an old family picture and attempting to recreate it may be entertaining. When adults replicate a posture from when they were toddlers, it may be very amusing.

Allow the children to bring a favorite toy and play with it while the rest of the family gathers around them.

2. Include Clothes Into the Composition

Few suggestions for making your family photos more appealing and intriguing by including clothes in the composition.
Wear clothes that complement one another:

If a family dresses in identical outfits, it may seem like they are dressed in uniforms, which is strange. However, wearing clothes that complement one another (and sticking to the same color scheme) creates a beautiful appearance.

On the contrary, you may have family members dress in drastically different clothes from one another. Incorporating contrasting elements into a family picture may help to produce a more vibrant image.

Examples include distinct colors, dress styles, and formal vs. informal attire. Please note that clothes in primary colors work best since they are less distracting than apparel with bold patterns, big logos, or t-shirt slogans.

3. Family Poses

family photo poses

If the family has a newborn, consider placing the infant towards the center and having the rest concentrate their attention on the baby. But, again, this is primarily a great choice if you’re looking for indoor family photo ideas.

Kids looking after their younger siblings should be photographed. Simple actions like lacing a sibling’s shoe may provide a striking picture that emphasizes the sibling’s connection.

Make fun poses with the kids, such as peeking around a corner, hiding their eyes, or making grossed-out expressions, and have the parents exchange a kiss as the kids do it.

In a family, photo poses, the greater the amount of physical contact between members of the same family, the more the closeness of their bond will be shown.

Including many movement pictures in your family photographs is a fantastic approach to prevent the feeling of being uptight.
As long as you can catch them during an activity, your pictures will be much more fascinating than those taken in a conventional pose will be.

4. Outdoor Shoots

Photographing your family in the natural environment is always an excellent idea. However, when it comes to natural lighting and stunning backdrop scenery, the great outdoors may provide plenty of options.

It will also provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your outdoor photography abilities in your portrait photography portfolio. Make use of these suggestions for outdoor family photoshoots.

Shooting during the golden hour, like with other kinds of outdoor photography, may enhance the impact of your pictures by bathing the family in warm light, producing lengthy shadows, and making everything appear to shine. To create a halo of light around the family, photograph them with the sun behind them.

While it may be tempting to choose an outdoor family picture location only based on the scenery, you should preferably select a place with some importance to the family since it will add meaning to the photograph.

Prepare the whole family in their rain gear and umbrellas and go outside to take some adorable family photos in the rain. Having everyone dressed in their raincoats, with everything looking wet and reflective, may make for a visually compelling picture. Allow the children to splash about in a puddle for extra enjoyment, and some great family photo poses.

5. Photos for Large Families

authentic family picture

It may be challenging to photograph prominent families because of the obstacles involved, such as figuring out how to get everyone in the picture. Still, it can also provide more possibilities for creative family portraits.

Try putting couples and close family members together if your picture will include extended relatives. As opposed to working with a single big group, dealing with a small group will offer you more flexibility in placing individuals. Additionally, it focuses on the intimate connections that form the foundation of the family.

As bizarre as it sounds, this is the perfect opportunity to implement your indoor family photo ideas; for example, photographing the family on a staircase is a great idea. Placing everyone in levels without sitting or kneeling will be much simpler to get everyone in the image. Also, if you can photograph on the steps of a family house, it provides a beautiful backdrop.

In a big family picture, avoid attempting to guide everyone’s ideal expression. You may discover that directing everyone is difficult depending on the size of the family and the number of small children participating.

Taking a step back and allowing individuals to be more creative with their postures will result in a more accurate and authentic family picture.

Make most of the weather.

Making your family pictures more interesting by incorporating the season into them is yet another option. You may design family photo themes appropriate for the time of year by including various objects, clothes, and activities, or get creative with family photo poses that refer to the season they’re taking the picture.

6. Family Photos in Fall

Pumpkins, rakes, leaves, fall centerpieces, and even heritage blankets in autumn hues may all be used as fall props. Choose an autumn-themed environment, such as a pumpkin patch, cornfield, orchard, or barn, with plenty of bright-leaved trees. Toss some leaves into the air or have the youngsters jump in a leaf pile.

7. Get the Winter Clothes Ready

To prepare up your family photoshoot ideas for winter, you might include things like Christmas gifts, and hot cocoa mugs. Also, you could have everyone dress in their worst Christmas sweaters, fake antlers, ski suits, or other festive clothes and accessories.

From a playful snowball battle to dragging the kids on a sled to making a snowman or making snow angels, get the whole family out in the snow to have some fun.

8. The Spring Fun

Pick some dandelions with the kids and have them throw the seeds into the wind. Include flowers into your session by photographing in a field or garden or bringing floral accessories like flower garlands. Organize your family’s Easter photo session around a theme, such as Easter eggs, baskets, plush bunnies, or bunny ears.

9. Make the Summer Holidays Worth it

To create a countryside atmosphere, bring a basket, blanket, and other accessories. Hardly anything screams summer like beach photos, and it provides some excellent picture opportunities such as making a sandcastle together or strolling down the coast. Photograph the family playing in the shallows, cruising on a boat, or jumping into the water.

10. The Simpler, the Better

Outdoor Shoots

The essential factors in bringing a family photoshoot to life at home are a natural setting, an excellent daily routine, and authenticity.
We don’t often see the beauty in the everyday things around us, but a photograph of you and your family eating breakfast, reading, playing, or chatting would undoubtedly be stunning.

11. What’s More Perfect Than Nature

Find out when the fruit trees in your region will blossom if you want to arrange a picture session at this time of year. Nature will provide you with some fantastic photo opportunities for your family.

12. Beauty in the Joyful Smiles of the Children

It’s beautiful to witness a child’s smile. The divine beauty may be seen in the joyful smiles of children. Encourage parents to play with their children while capturing a stunningly gorgeous picture. With this family portrait concept, the image will become more lively.

13. Lifting the baby

Every family is looking for an excellent concept for a family portrait, and it is even better when it complements your indoor family photo ideas. Since raising a child is not an easy task, and safety is a top concern, parents should posture this picture.

Photographing a baby lift from eye level is advised. The appearance will be more striking when the picture is taken from the bottom to the top.

14. Taking the Lead

It’s worthwhile to have a look at some family photoshoot ideas. Taking a sequential picture of a group of people occurs when one individual is the leader and remains at the forefront.

You should approach the child’s father or mother and urge any one of them to take the initiative. Then, one by one, the children should follow in the footsteps of their father.

15. Embracing Parenthood

Embracing Parenthood

Parents often hug their children, making this one of the finest natural family photo poses, and you don’t even have to inform them about the said pose, which makes it even better. For example, if the parent is sitting on their knees and looking at the camera, the children may hug their parent’s in return.

16. Sibling love

There are several newborn family photoshoot ideas for a family with two children and two children. First, encourage children to pose on the ground. It is a fantastic idea since it will allow them to feel more at ease.

Placing a blanket on the floor and covering it with some leaves can give the room a more natural appearance. In addition, the blanket will prevent the children from being cold. Although it is one of the more unusual Family Portrait Ideas, it is also simple to execute.

17. A Stroll in the Park

Family bonding is always the one thing that family photographs should portray. Tell parents to take their children for a stroll while holding their hands. Leg movement is unavoidable in this position; however, this shoot focuses on face and expressions.

18. The Vintage Shot

You might go for a more vintage look. Include some contemporary flair based on the family’s overall vibe, look into common poses used in the past and incorporate them into the family photo poses, and don’t forget to include some sunglasses and Coca-Cola bottles for added fun!

19. Bake Some Cake

An additional indoor family photo idea that we are smitten with is this one. Gather everyone in the kitchen and get to work, baking — while the photographer captures the moment on camera.

20. Family Portrait in Silhouettes

Ideas on perfect family photography

A family silhouette will be a lovely addition to the living room wall if you’re looking for something a little romantic and unforgettable.

Few techniques for the perfect picture

Keep them occupied

One of the most excellent methods to get candid family pictures is photographing the family. It will assist by providing entertainment for the family. Instead of stressing about their appearance, individuals may concentrate on the task at hand and be more natural. At the same time, they are engaged in one of their favorite hobbies, such as fishing or putting on a backyard theater performance.

Make them feel at ease

Photograph in the family’s house or a favorite location. It will help them relax and provide many picture possibilities, such as showing off their favorite activities together.

Accept the unexpected

If a child refuses to cooperate, a pet becomes agitated, or anything unexpected occurs during the session, keep photographing! You may catch a real laugh when everyone responds to what’s going on.

The proper equipment for family portrait photography

Using the proper equipment is critical to getting the most satisfactory results possible while photographing family photos. Selecting the right camera and lenses and having the essential equipment for portrait photography available are all important considerations.

You can’t plan on taking pictures of a large family with the same portrait equipment as you would for a small family. A stunning family picture is impossible to achieve without the use of professional portrait gear. Take a look at the list below to learn more about the required equipment:


Camera for family photography ideas

The essential piece of equipment is a camera with high resolution and a reasonable shutter speed. Kids are vibrant, and it is often necessary to photograph children since they are not sitting quietly in front of the camera.

A camera with a minimum burst speed of 5 frames per second would be enough in these circumstances. After that, you may choose between a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. It is entirely up to your taste.

Also, if you have any plans to update your equipment in the future, you’ll have to upgrade to full-frame lenses, making them more expensive. If the lenses you choose are only compatible with crop sensors, this is your only choice.

Camera Lenses

A zoom lens isn’t required for family photos. However, as opposed to a prime lens, a zoom lens allows you to capture photos in a wider variety of positions. A prime lens’s wider aperture is a standard feature.

You may not want to utilize an f/1.8 while photographing a big gathering. However, if you’re photographing mom and dad or want to concentrate on one family member while leaving the others out of focus, you may want to use a wide aperture.

When photographing a big family, a wide-angle lens is the best choice among many alternatives. However, a 35mm lens is the ideal length for comfortably photographing the whole family.

Flash Light

Although natural light is the most excellent choice for capturing a family picture, it is not always the right approach. As a result, a flash plays a crucial role in giving an adequate impression.

It’s simple to carry a flash. You can quickly bring it on-site, whether it’s taken outside or indoors. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a flash to take a family picture. Manually controlled flash with a range of 1/1 to 1/128 is ideal for family photos. When utilizing a tilt to bounce the light, make sure the tilt is accessible with the flash.

It’s best to use flash with a flash modifier. This is because the light will be dimmed with the use of a flash modifier. After shooting the photo, it will seem as if no flash was used while demonstrating the benefits of doing so.

Off-Camera Flash

It is well known how vital flashes are; however, an off-camera flash is the best choice for creating professional studio-quality images. On-camera flashes are often to make shadows and silhouettes visible. This can quickly be done by using a transmitter or using a second flash as a transmitter.


A tripod is the best support for your camera that you can choose. Not only does it contribute to your pictures coming out with better quality and clarity, but it also happens to keep your device from falling over and keeps it safe.

Camera Bag

Finally, it’s time to transport your camera, lenses, flash modulator, and other tiny accessories. Choosing a backpack is similar to choosing a case for your camera. A camera case with cushioned dividers is a good choice. Backpacks are also a good choice, and the two straps on the backpack will make you more comfortable.

Aside from the items mentioned above, you should remember to include a battery, memory cards, reflectors, and protective lens filters. If you’re unsure about purchasing accessories, rent them instead.

The Ideal and Common Poses to Opt for

Ideal and Common Poses for family photography ideas

We suggest paying careful attention to posing elements and catching the ideal moments if you want to take your photography to the next level. So now it’s time to take your family portraits to the next level!

Standing in Different Positions

When we photograph family members standing, they uniformly turn to face the camera and hold their arms at their sides.
Isn’t it a little stiff?

Why not make them more fascinating by connecting them in new ways? It may be with arms around each other’s waists, heads on shoulders, or heads in laps. Small children may wrap their arms around the legs of their mother or father.

Not everyone in the family has to be facing the camera for a natural-looking family picture position; vary it up by having the kids embrace mom or dad.

Sitting in Lines and Shapes

It may be challenging to seat a big family without having them sit next to one another ( quite dull!). So, how do you position them? Using lines and shapes! For example, mother and daughter sitting in a triangular shape. The diagonal lines help to generate a powerful visual impression.

Next to Each Other

Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid placing people next to one another; however, bringing them close together and encouraging them to wrap their arms around each other may quickly enhance your picture session.

Playful Atmosphere

Put the family in a playful atmosphere for the perfect picture poses. To get their kids to laugh, ask them to play, tickle, and do whatever they usually do to encourage them to laugh.

It is significantly more effective when participants are urged to turn their bodies toward one another rather than toward your lens when photographing family picture poses to portray intimacy.

Unless you’re attempting this lovely posture! It’s worth noting that dad’s head lying on his wife’s head may seem insignificant. This, however, distinguishes between a more formal posture and one filled with love and connection.

Instead of uncomfortable, boring family pictures, encourage conversations to capture genuine relationships. Request that your subjects face each other and propose kisses, tickles, and games. Playfulness may be elicited via singing and playing. Children may be brought up to their parents’ height by having them take them up and cuddle them close.

Taking a break from posing and photographing kids and parents playing is a beautiful way to add diversity to your family picture positions collection. To catch all of the finest moments, make sure you have a quick shutter speed. The benefit of doing so is that it allows you to break up the session with some fun activities, making it simpler to keep the kids engaged and happy!

Are you Prepared?

Include Clothes Into the Composition

For specific indoor family portrait ideas, preparation is essential. Here are some general guidelines for writing a compelling story. These suggestions are constructive when dealing with family portraits.

  • Before beginning a picture shoot, make a plan for your outfits that would be suitable. As a result, you will have to worry less and will be able to save a handful of time.
  • Wearing the same attire is relatively unexciting; therefore, pick two prominent colors and combine them with different subdued tones.
  • While capturing some formal family photos, pay close attention to the home decor. Choose a hue that complements your home’s interior while keeping in mind home decor.
  • Invest your time and energy into determining the place. If the photography takes place on a beach, choose neutral hues, or dress in bright colors if vibrant colors surround the location.
  • Check to see that everyone in the family is comfortable in their clothing. Determine the comfortableness of each member to put a smile on their face.
  • You might choose something simple like matching white tops or flannel shirts, or you can be more creative and wear something outrageous like a movie character or superhero outfit to stand out from the crowd.

Family photographs are an excellent way to preserve precious memories. Children grow up so quickly, and family portraits are a great way to retain your family’s special moments as they pass through the years.

Photo Editing

Following the capture of all of the priceless moments in pictures, it is necessary to edit the photographs. Naturally, the edit must be of high quality. You may attempt to locate a high-quality Photo editing service to help you with this.

Professional photographers know how to edit their photographs appropriately. Getting a professional editing service will also help you save money and time.

Photo Editing and Retouching

Photo Editing and Retouching

When photographing weddings, maternity sessions, and other events, we need to perform picture editing and retouching after the fact. Using this picture editing service, you may make any changes to your body shape, skin tone, and other aspects of your appearance.

Correction of Colors

As you can see, your camera is incapable of capturing all of the hues seen in nature. Alternatively, while utilizing a camera, you may not always obtain the color you anticipate. Furthermore, the color of your photograph will not always be correct. In such a scenario, you’ll need to make some adjustments to the color of the photograph.

Having family images for memories is a great way to remember your family’s journey, whether you choose to retain them in a series of photobooks or transform them into wall art pieces.

As soon as you have a picture in which everyone seems to be in excellent shape, you want the rest of the photo to look its most refined as well.
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom allows you to rapidly eliminate distracting objects, correct lighting, alter color and tone, and bring out critical details in your photographs.

Parenting is not always perfect. But, it is, in fact, a standard component of everyday existence. So show off the muck as well as the glitz and gloss! Capture these priceless moments with your family and have photo sessions that capture your family in all of its glory and adversity.
Are you looking for more entertaining suggestions? See some unique and imaginative family portrait ideas that will blow your mind!

Final Words

We hope that these family photo ideas will serve as inspiration for your upcoming photo session! Always make sure that your photographs are beautifully exhibited, whether as wall art to ornament your home or in a lovely family photo book to keep as a souvenir.

The ultimate goal is to create pleasant memories with your family, so we are confident that you will have a wonderful day no matter whatever option you choose.

If you’re having a family gathering, whether for the holidays or a casual weekend supper, and you have some extra time, why not take a snapshot to keep as a keepsake? Whether you want to plan anything ahead of time or come up with something on the fly, we have the inspiration you’re looking for.

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