8 Different Styles of Wedding Photography Ideas

Different Styles of Wedding Photography

An excellent wedding photoshoot is usually the result of tremendous and precise planning. Therefore, the first thing to do as a photographer is to consult with promised customers about the different wedding photography styles.

So, what are the most popular wedding photography genres, and what are the most expensive to hire? Choosing one photography style for your wedding pictures or combining multiple techniques for your wedding photos is a personal preference.

Traditional Photography Style

Traditional Photography Style

The prevalence of staged portrait photographs distinguishes this classic style from others. Traditional wedding photography, as a rule, entails the production of pictures that includes in the book after the ceremony.

Most of the time, these photographs take of the brides, their families, and other invited wedding attendees. However, the primary responsibility of the wedding photographer is to capture key moments of the wedding, such as the grooms’ first kiss after the ceremony.

It requires a significant amount of time, which often gives to posing. Brides have the opportunity to express their thoughts and desires about the content of photographs and the layout of the photo book.

Natural Light Photography Style

Natural Light Photography Style

Many wedding photographers choose to shoot with natural light instead of utilizing a camera flash or artificial lighting. This method is ideal for weddings held outside.

The majority of recent wedding photos usually take around the Golden Hour when the sunlight is suitable for providing high-quality shots with a prominence of soft and warm hues. To begin working in this genre, you must first understand the fundamentals of dealing with light, shadows, and white balance.

Documentary Photography Style

Documentary wedding Photography Style

It is one of the wedding photography techniques focused on capturing genuine feelings throughout the wedding ceremony. It differs from many other genres in that it does not need posing. 

When shooting in this manner, the photographer must blend the background of the event and keep an eye out for all critical moments. This style allows them to capture photographs that are genuine and passionate.

Extensive experience and strong technical abilities are always required to succeed in this field. Ideally, a professional photographer should concentrate on the essential details and capture the most moving moments in a short amount of time.

In addition, a true professional should be able to adjust the camera settings quickly to position the required highlights correctly.

Portrait Photography Style

Portrait wedding Photography Style

Taking pictures of people on their wedding day is the primary goal of this wedding photography technique

There are many stunning pictures in this photography style, and they all show genuine emotions while also creating an atmosphere of pleasure and excitement. 

They may be planned or happen on the spur of the moment. However, high-quality wedding pictures are often the ones that couples like the most.

Black and White Photography Style

Black and White wedding Photography Style

Color photographs appeal to specific individuals, whereas black and white pictures attract those who enjoy simplicity. Therefore, photographers often convert their color photographs into black and white images to cover imperfections in the lighting.

It is one of the most popular wedding photography techniques in which the primary emphasis is on the items being photographed rather than the couple.

Film Photography Style

Film wedding Photography Style

Although it may seem complicated, film photographers can still work extremely effectively in a variety of fields. For filmmakers, wedding photography is an excellent subject matter to explore.

When using a film camera, natural sunlight may help you capture some fantastic images. As opposed to digital photographs, film photographs characterize by their soft, muted tones, which contribute to creating a unique retro mood.

The pictures taken outside are stunning. However, it is essential to note that such a picture session may be very costly and time-consuming, but it is well worth it.

Fusion Photography Style

Fusion wedding Photography Style

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This popular style is a fusion of wedding photojournalism and time-honored traditions, and it is pretty popular. It utilize often in the field of engagement photography. The focus placed on composition, backdrop, and lighting is the most distinguishing characteristic of this style.

In this kind of filming, inspiration and the display of positive emotions are expect always. There are some aspects of landscape photography since considerable attention gives to the backdrop in this kind of photography.

It should serve as the creative foundation for the photograph, together with the genuine emotions of the newlyweds. However, to succeed with this technique, you must first learn how to work in landscape photography.

Destination Wedding Photography Style

Destination wedding Photography Style

The name of this wedding photography style suggests that its primary aim is to shoot individuals in locations far away from their homes. Such photo sessions are held in different nations. There are many styles in this approach.

First and foremost, significant attention is given to the backdrop, implying that landscape photography components are present.
In addition, there are many beautiful features as well as photojournalistic aspects. Also included are the characteristics of editorial style pictures, in which each photo is treated similarly to images produced for magazines, with an emphasis on architectural and cultural elements.

To make any session unique, select from various weddings photography genres, such as classical, artistic, themed, lifestyle, nude, fashion, portrait, photojournalistic, drone, and more.

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Post Photography

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