Composition Ideas for Blue Hour Photography

Blue Hour Photography

Some people are familiar with golden hour photography, but few are familiar with blue hour photography and composition ideas for blue hour photography. The blue hour is a beautiful time for photography, particularly when it comes to cityscapes.

Right before the sun rises, the first blue hour occurs. After that, the sky becomes a dark blue color at dusk and progressively lightens as the sun peaks the horizon.

The second happens just after sunset when the golden light has faded and is replaced by a cold, clear, and blue tone. Then, as the sun falls deeper below the horizon line and sends its light and warmth elsewhere, the blue hour is soon followed by darkness.

The sky takes on a beautiful blue hue during the blue hour, giving pictures a cinematic feel. Once you’ve mastered the lighting, even portraits shot look incredible during blue hour.

It is necessary to understand that this fantastic lighting will not immediately transform your pictures into beautiful works of art. There are many different ways to experiment with composition in blue hour photography. The three best composition ideas mention below.

Working with Negative Space

When it comes to visual arts, negative space is a popular compositional technique. In other words, it is defined as the space around the subject of a photograph. 

Many amateur photographers are worried about exploring negative space because they think it would make their pictures look empty and uninteresting. However, it may also be the absolute opposite!

The effective use of negative space draws attention to colors and forms in an image. In addition, it may influence the overall atmosphere of the picture by making it seem more ethereal or mysterious. 

It is possible to create similar pictures in nature, using either the sky or water bodies as negative space in the picture.

Using frame for a clever compositional technique

Using a frame within a frame is a clever compositional technique that may be applied to any photography. Sub-framing is effective because it adds visual depth and different levels to the composition, giving it an additional dimension.

If you want to photograph during the blue hour in a city area, pay close attention to reflecting surfaces such as glass buildings, and make use of them to your benefit.

Include items that contribute to aesthetic appeal or narrative in the picture

In photography, frontal interest is often employed to demonstrate size or to enhance the composition by including items that contribute to aesthetic appeal or narrative, among other things.

It is a beautiful habit to be selective when it comes to the foregrounds and backgrounds of your photographs! It is possible to take dreamy pictures almost everywhere; all you need to do is look for intriguing things that you can use as foreground components.

What is the point of taking photos during the blue hour?

Photographing landscapes and portraits during golden hour makes a lot of sense, especially when the lighting is good. However, why photographers would choose to stay and work during the blue hour remains unanswered.

Photographers will find a blue hour ideal to capture landscape, city, and even street photography. Even if the lights start to come on in homes, vehicles, streets, and buildings as the sun sets, the sky is still bright enough to see the fine detail of things when they are close to the ground.

Compared to other times, dawn and sunset are more popular with photographers and visitors alike, while the blue hour is less so.

Depending on the location and time of year, blue light may provide a very peaceful background. It is because the color blue best symbolizes the serenity of the day.

In contrast to the softness of the landscape, the difference between the blue sky with the yellow light from street lamps is seen on city streets.

Bonus Tips For Blue Hour Photography

  • When you press the shutter release button, the camera shakes, resulting in unclear pictures. Using a remote or setting the camera’s self-timer to two seconds can help you prevent this.
  • A tripod will assist you in capturing a clear picture. If you handhold your camera at a slow shutter speed, your photos will be fuzzy.
  • When photographing the blue hour, it’s preferable to use RAW files. It will provide you with the most outstanding capture quality and the best photo editing service benefits.

Shooting with RAW has the benefit of allowing you to alter the exposure adjustment in post-production. As a result, if your pictures are a bit too dark or bright, you may edit them appropriately.

  • Photo Editing Service: After hitting the shutter button, developing a picture does not finish. There’s a need to make slight adjustments to the images to make them appear the way you want or need them to.

Photo editing service is essential in any photography style. It makes your images more accurate with results and gives your desired shot an outstanding look. We always recommend getting a professional to do the photo editing service. 

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