Uses and Importance of Clipping Path in Product Photos

Uses and Importance of Clipping Path Services

Like many other business owners, you may want to have the best images possible to showcase your audience. Also, you probably wonder how to make an image that can be used in campaigns, websites, and social media. For example, if you’re an eCommerce retailer, you may need product images that draw customers’ attention and turn them from prospects to real buyers.  

A professional clipping path solution can tick all the marks. From removing unwanted background to adjusting color to retouching, everything they take care of when you have no skills or time to edit images on your own.

Let’s face it — Customers understand what an image is, how beautiful it looks, does the image seems realistic? Instead, they might not be curious about what’s going on behind scenes, what makes images look better, and how an image is edited or retouched, however, you do. 

As a business owner, there are a lot of questions about image editing or clipping path that may cross your mind. Hold on, in this article, we are going to walk you through the uses and importance of clipping path solutions, and how they improve your images that can grow your business on a large scale. 

What is a Clipping Path 

Clipping Path Service


Clipping path involves cutting out an object from an image or removing unwanted background and objects to make the images look beautiful and eye-catching. Typically, they work on photo editing and manipulation, and clipping path is one of the most important techniques they take into account to make images look clean and polished. 

Clipping path is the most powerful technique operated by the pen tool in photoshop that helps you create a path around a product, cut that off, replace the background, or keep it transparent to showcase on your eCommerce website or anywhere you want in the best possible way.

This method requires impeccable skills and time. Any industry that needs background removal, color correction, and retouching in their images goes to an expert or professional photo manipulation service to make their images stunning. Apart from that, the clipping path essentially plays a big role in the eCommerce industry as it’s booming over the years.   

Types Of Clipping Paths That Give You a Good Idea Of How Much You Should Pay

Basic Clipping Path 

A basic clipping path is an object with straight lines that can be drawn clipping path with just a few clicks, as the name implies. To remove strong articles from their backgrounds, you can use a simple clipping path. All of the articles can share the same clipping path.

Simple Clipping Path 

The basic cut-out path is more complicated than a simple clipping path. When compared to the basic clipping path, you may have to pay more. Multiple edges and bends are removed in simple clipping paths. To achieve the desired result, you may need to remove more than one edge and bend. To achieve the desired result, you may need to remove 3-4 edges and bends, for example.

Medium Clipping Path

When your object has multiple edges that are more complicated, a medium clipping path may be required to achieve the best results. If you have a complex shape with many overlapping edges, for example, you might want to use a clipping path with a large radius to get the best results.

Complex Clipping Path

You may require a complex clipping path solution if your object is more complicated and includes multiple holes and complex edges. It is possible that it will be more expensive than the basic or simple clipping path. Anything with fur or hair, as well as pictures with models, netting, and groupings of different, complex items, would necessitate a complex clipping path.

Uses of Clipping Path Solutions

Uses of Clipping Path Service

The clipping path works well when the subject of the image has sharp, smooth edges. To stand out in this competitive E-Commerce landscape, you need to go through several usages of clipping paths — based on how complex or smooth your images are. Because eCommerce and other businesses have one thing in common: attractive images. Here are the most common usages of the clipping path you need to know.  

Retouching and Restoration

Retouching and Restoration service

Photo retouching can increase the overall style and look of your images. The main goal of retouching an image is to eliminate all the imperfections usually involving background or unwanted object removal, color or tone correction, change of brightness, contrast, and saturation. Photo retouching is perfect for the eCommerce, beauty, wedding, and jewelry industries. Apart from that, you can eliminate certain elements from an image or add elements that weren’t in the photo. If you don’t have the skill or time to retouch your photos, hire a professional image retouching service to create images that are stunning and full of life.    

Neck Joint 

Neck Joint Service

Neck joint service is one of the parts of clipping path solutions, also called ghost mannequin typically removes the ghost or model from clothing images and includes all the necessary adjustments to make images come to life. The ghost mannequin can create 3D effects all around the garment that makes you feel like wearing it. The neck joint requires time and advanced techniques to remove mannequins, hangers, and models. Also, you need to go through every part of the images to make them look more realistic and polished.  

Color correction

Color correction

The right color, brightness, tone, and saturation can be missed due to the wrong position of the light and camera or unpleasant weather. Photo color correction uses tools and techniques in Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing software to make your images more accurate. It can be anything: exposure, brightness, color tones, vibrancy, contrast, saturation, highlights shadows — photo color correction service can tick all the marks. A poorly colored image doesn’t draw customers’ attention and you probably don’t want to ruin the value of your brand, that’s why photo color correction in photoshop comes into play.  

Image Masking

Image Masking

Have a hard time with countless curves, intricate edges, and lines in your images? Whether you are a photographer, eCommerce retailer, or advertiser, you need an image masking. Masking complex images that include smoke, hair, feathers, flames cloth, etc. Every business wants to present lucrative images to increase its brand value and sales, in that case, the image masking method can play an important role.

Background Removal Service

Background Removal Service

Background removal is the most used technique in clipping paths. An unpleasant background may ruin the first impression and lead your customers to bounce. That’s why most popular eCommerce brands require a white and clean background so the main object of the images can be focused on. In addition, background removal includes other editing work like color correction, retouching, and adding of necessary adjustments.

Which Industry Needs Product Clipping Path Solutions

Industry Needs Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is widely used for different types of purposes including, product showcases, advertising, social media campaign, etc. and there are countless industries that have been using clipping path techniques to make their images appealing. Here are the top industries that need photoshop clipping path solutions all the time. 

  • E-commerce
  • Photography 
  • Garment Industry
  • Gadgets Retail
  • Jewelry Industry 
  • Modeling agencies 

Why it is Important To Hire a Clipping Path Company

The importance of hiring a clipping path company is obvious. Whether you need images for E-commerce or photography, or advertising, you must maintain high quality and increased beauty in order to engage customers and improve your business. But clipping path is a process that requires extensive time and skill that you may not be able to accomplish while you have other important things to do. That’s why post-production processing company comes into play. There are countless reasons why it is a definitive guide to buying clipping path.

Increased Attention

grabbing customers’ attention is the most important factor when it comes to selling a product. Think about an offline store where customers consider buying a product that catches their eye. In an online store, only a nicely edited photo can grab customers’ attention and lead them to purchase.   

Increase Sales

It’s proven that the more appealing the images are the more they sell. Especially, in eCommerce, people look at the images first when it comes to buying a product. A profitable image can increase your overall sales on a large scale.  

Establishing Trust

Brands like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart whom customers can easily trust because of their product quality, improved policy, and essentially the product presentation. Therefore, they require clean background and highly retouched photos in order to establish their brand. So why not hire an image editing company and make your images appealing.

Brand Identity

A retouched photo increases the brand value and creates a positive perception. If you want to achieve your business goal in the long run, brand identity is the key to success. When it comes to presenting your products online, consider what people think about your brand and what action they might take. And lucrative images unduly play a vital role in brand identity. 

Stay Ahead of the competition

If you have highly edited images that others don’t, it’s likely most buyers will visit your site and purchase. To stay ahead of the competition, look around what quality your competitors maintain in their images and what makes you ahead of them. On top of that, you should consider which style best matches your audience.

Advertising and Profile Promotion

Advertising requires a certain amount of money and effort to increase the customers’ attention. And your ad works well when the images are more attractive and persuasive. In this competitive edge, it’s quite impossible to acquire customers without perfectly shot images and highly edited images. Here, the clipping path provider plays an important role to make images more polished, clean, and lucrative. 

What to Look For When Hiring a Clipping Path Company

You got what matters to hiring a clipping path company but the thing that may have crossed your mind is what to look for when hiring a clipping path Company. Here are the common factors you should keep in mind. 

Area of expertise

The area of expertise shows what quality a company can provide to your images. To get into the detail about clipping path providers, check their website and social media channel and look at what people are saying about their service. Some companies offer free trials to demonstrate their expertise and quality. In addition, there are a lot of clues that show the expertise of a clipping path company. All you need to do is to take time and check all the aspects of the service.

Reputation in the market

A clipping path company that has a good reputation in the industry means they have the capacity to meet your needs and provide better quality.


References help you trust a service as it has been taken by your either family or friends. So, when someone you know refers to a clipping path, you can go ahead and work with them without thinking twice.


When searching for a clipping path provider company, consider which one is more reliable. If customers rely on a service, you can do too. 


Clipping path is as important as your e-commerces store, photography business, and any other companies that rely on online marketing. With retouching and photo editing, your images come to life and engage more customers. But clipping path or image editing can be a time-consuming and extensive process while you have other business to do. A professional clipping path company can tick all the boxes.

About UCP’s Clipping Path Solutions

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