6 Drop Shadow Making Online Tools Review – Are These Helpful for My eCommerce Image

Drop Shadow Making

Although it appears that AI tools will eventually replace humans in most industries, AI is still in its infancy and has yet to replace human creativity and emotion. In the image editing industry, AI plays a critical role in accelerating workflow and completing tedious and time-consuming tasks in a matter of minutes. You may have arrived here after seeing the title drop shadow-making tools, which you can use to create shadows in your product images with a few clicks. You’ve arrived at the right location. In this article, I’ll go over 10 online tools for creating drop shadows to see if they’re worth using for your eCommerce product images. Let’s get started without further ado.

1. Luminar AI 

Luminar AI drop shadow making-min

Luminar is an AI-powered image editing program that can assist you with time-consuming and complex tasks. The Luminar AI is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It can also be used as a plugin in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to give you an edge in image editing. However, as we all know, a plugin is not always fully functional as a standalone application because it requires the use of an additional window.

Luminar AI performs better and creates shadows as perfectly as traditional image editing tools like Photoshop when it comes to dropping shadows. To make the shadow, all you have to do is open Luminar AI and go to the shadows tab. To make your image look more realistic, you can easily adjust the shadows.

When it comes to making an image for an online store, free online image editing tools are not perfect for that. If you are an eCommerce store owner you no need to compromise your image quality using this type of tool. For that UK Clipping Path will provide you with higher quality images that will better what you want. Get a Free consultation when you think bigger than other online store owners.

2. Sharpen AI 

Sharpen AI drop shadow-min

Sharpen AI’s AI-based features can help you create in a short amount of time if you spend a lot of time dealing with shadows in your images. The software is intended to correct post-production issues such as digital noise and blurriness. You can customize the settings to create a sharpening style that suits your needs. That means you’ll be able to create shadows with just a few mouse clicks.

It has simple controls for adjusting exposure, highlights, and shadows. The most advanced model adjusts itself according to your settings while you’re making adjustments. The latter mode is particularly useful because it allows you to adjust the highlights and shadows. This editor is available as a standalone application or as a plug-in for Ps, Lightroom Classic, and Topaz Studio.

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3. Photolemur 

Shadows are very important in eCommerce product images for increasing sales. And Photolemur 3 has the ability to make it happen. The cutting-edge filter technology in this software makes it stand out. It also has a shadow-making feature that can produce stunning shadows. It is used by the vast majority of photographers. Simply import the image, and the photo editor will correct the shadows for you.

4. PhotoDiva

PhotoDiva drop shadow

PhotoDiva is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create shadows on your product images, just like any other photo editing software. PhotoDiva is a free portrait software with a few features that allow you to perform a variety of image editing tasks, including drop shadow creation. The software is designed to retouch photos, add makeup, adjust face features, and much more, which is why you should choose PhotoDiva. The program is quick, versatile, and comprehensive, making it an excellent alternative to popular photo editing programs. When it comes to adding shadows, it does a fantastic job.

5. CorelDraw 

Image editing is in high demand as the online business grows dramatically. There is a lot of software available for editing images and adding shadows to product images. One of them is CorelDraw, which can create shadows of an object in just a few simple steps. CorelDraw’s AI allows you to convert shadows into shadows that are minimal, effective, and eye-catching.

It creates shadows in a very short amount of time. CorelDraw is a good choice if you want to improve your eCommerce business by fine-tuning your product images and adding shadows to them. 


GIMP drop shadow

If you have product images and want to add shadows, GIMP is a game-changing program that lets you do so in just a few simple steps. Masks, patterns, borders, and a variety of other tools can be used to create complex effects. GIMP’s drop shadow tool is simple and quick to use. However, there are several editing tools, including GIMP, that can help you add and edit shadow effects.

Using Online Drop Shadow Making Software VS Professional Drop Shadow Services

Professional Drop Shadow Services

There are a plethora of tools available for creating shadows in your product images. However, one question lingered in the minds of all eCommerce and retail executives. The answer is that if you have the skill and time to create a perfect shadow, these tools will perform better. Despite the fact that Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are always at the top of their game, you still need the skill to create the shadow you want. And most people are unlikely to want to spend hours watching tutorials or even less time creating perfect shadows for that reason.

For professional drop shadow creation, you shouldn’t rely on online tools. Here’s why


The Algorithms of the Online Drop Shadow Tools Limit You

In recent years, artificial intelligence has progressed, but it has yet to completely replace manual creative processes. Manually creating shadows for your product images is still a more common technique than using an artificial intelligence-based tool because you have more control over how the image editing is done. When it comes to creating drop shadows in the AI-powered tool, however, you’re limited to algorithms. It turns out that creating drop shadows with a human touch is more precise and produces more realistic images than using an automation tool.


Drop shadow generators that are automated do not produce creativity

To stay ahead of the competition, it’s critical to be as creative as possible when uploading product images to your eCommerce website. Because shadows are required in product images, you should consider how to create a more perfect shadow, which may not be possible with AI or an online automation tool.


There’s a good chance something will go wrong

While artificial intelligence (AI) and online automated tools can help you speed up your workflow and reduce serve time, they cannot match the high-end quality of a manual process.

For manual drop shadow creation, a graphics designer with experience manipulating images and creating drop shadows in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is required.

While you may believe that using automation and AI will allow you to spend less time on fine-tuned edits, in the long run, this may make your job more difficult and time-consuming.

When it comes to running an eCommerce business, creating shadows in product images is a top priority. However, AI tools will not be able to create perfect shadows in your product images on their own.


With the online drop shadow maker, re-editing may not be possible

You can use an automated tool to get a quick result in an emergency. If you need to re-edit in the future, you won’t be able to do so with this method. So think twice about using an automated drop shadow generator online.


Real drop shadow creation differs from automatic drop shadow creation

The most important thing to remember when creating shadows with an automated tool is that they aren’t real. A machine can’t create the true beauty of shadows like manual editing can because manual editing uses photoshop techniques to create shadows that look real and make your images highly effective.

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