Best Photo Masking Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Best Photo Masking Apps

The concept of a photo masking app is not new. Technology is progressing, and innovations are available daily. The world of technology has changed dramatically during the previous few decades. 

It’s become fashionable to create applications for everything. Because it simplifies things. Aside from that, the software is more difficult to use than any app. Apps are easy to use, light, and have a simple user interface. 

There are numerous picture editing apps available on the market. Some of the apps are adept at filtering, while others have uncommon functionality. Some have gained a lot of notoriety for having a high-quality picture masking facility. More online picture editors can be found by searching. Apps are accessible in app stores and are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Image masking is an extremely important post-production process that must be done by skilled experts and professionals. However, hiring editors and graphic designers can often be very pricey and taxing on the budget, in that case, the best option to go for is photo editing services. Photo editing services are readily available online, however, it can be difficult to choose one that suits your requirements.

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Best Photo Masking App for Android and iOS

1. Adobe Photoshop Express 

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a fun and useful image editor. It offers a wide range of editing tools that will astound you. You can edit your photos more quickly and easily. Photoshop Express is a complete image editing program. Photoshop Express has an unrivaled masking function. You can rectify the curved image and erroneous camera angles right away. 

There is a feature where you can remove noise. You can also use the spot healing function. It is, in fact, a scaled-down version of Photoshop. The user interface is easy to use. All of Adobe Photoshop Express’s capabilities are available to everybody.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is another fantastic photo masking app. The app’s aesthetic features are what make it so popular. PicsArt Photo Studio’s masking tool, on the other hand, has some unique capabilities. 

It’s one of the greatest Android photo masking apps. You may quickly enhance the image’s texture. Textures such as bokeh, light leaks, texture, and others are examples. Furthermore, PicsArt Shot Studio’s masking tool combines with effects tools and provides the photo with a variety of styles. However, the masking does not cover the entire image.

3. Aftercut

You will never find another app just like it. Because it’s the most user-friendly program for masking. This program allows you to choose and deselect objects as well as modify the image background. All other apps are slower than Aftercut. 

You can get the results in a fraction of a second. The manual and intelligent selection system are the most impressive features of this software. There are Several cut-out tools in the program. Simply tap the screen many times to watch how the software chooses and extracts the photo’s components. There are over 300 predefined effects and 40 filters in the program. 

It aids in the creation of numerous functions. On the selected items, for example, shadow, border, highlight, cartoon, glass, blur, mosaic, comic book, and other effects are available. The software has grown incredibly popular among iOS and Android users because of features like these.

4. Superimpose


Are you seeking an app that will help you with your masking jobs and is simple to use? Then I recommend a superimposed masking app. If you have an iPhone, it will work best for you. Simply tap many times on your iPhone to get pro-level pictures. 

You can use the app through a phone, there is no need for a computer. Image masking is the app’s most powerful and useful function. Simply select the area you want to mask, and the program will do the rest. 

The mask will appear in a similar-colored area. Background removal has never been easier or more convenient than with this software. The software lives up to its moniker.

5. Figma


A cloud-based application that allows organizations to alter photos. It stands apart from other apps thanks to its unique design. As a result, collaborating with other teams is simple. Masking in Figma is a wonderful experience. 

It allows you to show only a portion of the other layers. The mask’s alpha channel serves as an outline for the mask layers’ shape. With Figman you can use both alpha masking and outline. Figma is very user-friendly software with all of the capabilities that any user would require. Figma stands apart from the crowd when it comes to masking.

6. Color Splash Studio

Color Splash Studio

Color Splash Studio was originally a Mac app for having fun with photo editing. It is, however, now accessible on iPhone. It has a slew of persuasion-inducing features. Simply take a picture and apply a mask to it.

After that, colorize the area where the mask was put. I’m hoping for a fantastic outcome. To get the best results, hold down the Pan button and continue zooming to the bottom left. As a result, you can retouch the mask. 

The ability to finetune the mask is the most intriguing aspect of Color Splash. This will provide you with the most satisfactory outcome. It’s possible that you won’t find a wide choice of picture editing tools on this.

Final Words

The number of image editing apps is growing all the time. Most apps attempt to compile a list of the most popular services. It is, however, impossible to be the best in every area. These apps, on the other hand, have made masking simple and enjoyable. 

All of the apps listed above are simple to use, don’t take long to learn, and are a lot of fun to use. These programs will help you improve your editing skills while also improving the appearance of your photos.

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