Jewellery Photo Editing Services

Basically, a jewellery business is an essential fashion trend ever since the dawn of mankind. If you have a jewellery business, you need to showcase your product online or print a catalog for your valued customer. Nowadays, majority of all jewellery business owners are doing business online, if you are one of them you too have to upload your jewellery product on a web page, or you have to display your product on like eBay, Amazon, Pinterest, etc.

After you shoot your jewellery products, you will get a lot of dusts, spots and jewellery image may not get the right color either. This is not perfect for online, because the customer will not be happy to see your product like this. So you need to edit and retouch your jewellery images. You need to remove your background, clipping your jewellery product, and do retouching to removes the imperfections.

Photographer, in general, are very busy with their shooting, and they have not enough time in hand for retouching or clipping the jewellery products because it takes 1 hour or 2 hours for clipping only, then it takes more 30 or 40 minutes for retouching like color corrections, dust clean, etc. So photographers like to hire editing/retouching companies to do the post-production. eCommerce jewellery products business owner like to give the works to the editing companies to get the post-production job done so that the jewellery business generates more sales and make satisfied customers.

At UK Clipping Path, highly skill and experienced editors do the clipping, retouching and color correction with 100% accuracy. Our client satisfaction rating is 100% along with on time delivery. We keep our commitment with all our customers all the time, and we provide 24/7 services, all year long.


1. Upload the Images that you need retouching.

2. Get feedback from us within 30 minutes or less.

3. Give us a confirmation to work for your projects.

4. Get your retouched photos within 4 hours.

5. Earn more revenue and make your client happy.

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We expert in Clipping Path and photo editing services with High END Quality. Every single image has been checked twice by QC before sending to client and ensure clients requirements.


We are committed to deliver on-time and every time.We provide a quote feedback within 30 min or less. Our main strength is speedy and fast work with efficient way.


UK Clipping Path provides best affordable price within the client budget. We consider bulk discount for large volume of images with high end quality. We guarantee to beat any price quote.

Method to Understand About Jewellery Photo Editing in Photoshop Service

Method 1: What Is Jewellery Photo Service?
Normally, jewellery photo editing service is used after a photo-shoot for the eCommerce jewellery business for online sales. After the photo-shoot there are the jewellery images without any editing/retouching, and you obviously cannot display the raw images on any website. You need to clip the image and do retouching. There are some jewellery business owner who do not have sufficient time for retouching for their customer and their products don’t attract any customers because of it. Most customers are stylish and they like to buy attractive jewellery all the times.

Method 2: Who needs Jewellery Photo Service?
Online jewellery product market needs White Background Services especially because of the large volume of photos that require editing daily, which are mostly used for jewellery business owners, photography agencies and photographers. After photo-shoot of a product, you need to remove background and clean the image. If anyone wants an unwanted background to be removed, this service is essential for any category.

Method 3: How to Jewellery Photo Editing in Photoshop?
There are many ways to edit jewellery photos by Photoshop CC. First of all, you will have to have your own jewellery products image open in your Photoshop, then you should path the product by pen tool and see if there are any dust that you can remove by the erase tool. If you think the color is not match your product or with the brand, you should match the color correction to make the jewellery product look more gorgeous and perfect. At UK Clipping Path, we have high-end Photoshop experts who have 5 to 7 years’ experience in jewellery photo editing. You can get the finish work at an exclusive affordable pricing within your budget. After all, you should maintain your brand and outsourcing the post-production for only high quality. We guarantee you that your sales will increase day by day, and you will have real happy customers with your product.

Method 4: When you need Jewellery Photo Editing Services?
You need jewellery Photo Services to remove the background from an image. You have the jewellery product image and you need them edited to make the product look high-end quality for sell on Amazon, eBay, Esty, Alibaba, or your online store. Every photographer and online retailing companies needs Product Photo Services to white background images. This is a basic post-production solution for any type of jewellery products photos when you have larges batches of images. Jewellery photos must be the perfect size for your website, and for that you need to have clipping path for either white background or transparent.

Method 5: Where to outsource Clipping Path service?
Our high skilled professional graphic designers all have 7-10 years of experience in the sector of clipping path and deep etching services. Their vast knowledge of Photoshop Pen Tool allows them produce High-Quality image solutions. We do zoom in as possible, as much as 300% or more, for all of the images during the editing process, so that, every pixel count.

We always take care of all our clients, and we’re committed to provide you with 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we save secure your images. We’re also committed to give you unbeatable flat rates and affordable price that no competitor can match. Who does not save money- it has a proverb “one dollar save means one dollar earn”. Working with us, you will save up to 30% of your money which is very crucial to keep revenue in your Business.

The Educated Digital Word has a demanding quality with fast and on time delivery –We provide 24/7 operation to our valuable client.