The 4 Best Business Image Management Software Online

4 Best Business Image Management Software

The term “image management” has evolved from reminiscing with Polaroids to local storage and management. It became more associated with the act of storing your images on flash drives, thumb drives, and other storage devices.

Nowadays, you can store photos in the cloud using image management software. They also include editing tools and sharing options on social media. It’s still recommended to backup your images on a hard drive or flash drive. But imagine the various possibilities with image editing and management software!

Business purposes or not, here we have the five image management software for you to check out!

What Does it Mean to Have Online Image Management Software?

Every online image management software intends to organize your digital media in one place. It’s supposed to make the organization process easier for its users. This includes people who don’t bother managing their photos regularly.

A lot of image managers even have additional features that give you options for image optimization. Some also let you do some minor editing and share the images online through different platforms. These include email, social networks, and your business team.

What are the Benefits of Online Image Management Software?

Having your backup is highly recommended despite using this software. The online image management software offers several benefits for you and your team. For example, the software can easily archive and backup your data so you can keep the essential photos safely.

If you have an association online, you can instantly share the images with your group or even those outside your association. Being able to post photos on social media is all the rage these days. Because of that, stricter privacy settings have been developed to avoid the theft of images. You can also add watermarks to your photos for additional security.

Having this software helps you save on constantly buying and keeping physical storage units at home or in the office. Instead of keeping everything on a hard drive, you can store them in the cloud. And you can use the backup for your important photos.

And there’s more! Some features include automated duplication and backups from your local storage. You can even track who’s been using your photos. If your company loves tagging people on the photos, it has a rapid tagging feature. And despite having a large collection, the software has search tools to easily locate the images.

The software also has real-time editing and communications features so you and your team members can be more coordinated during editing sessions. If you’re using membership management software, you’ll be familiar with the organization of image management software.

It’s an online, all-in-one management software for images!

The 4 Best Online Image Management Software

The 4 Best Online Image Management Software

Google Photos with Backup and Sync

Google Photos has a free plan of up to 15GB in storage. However, if you intend to go for 100GB, you can pay $1.99 monthly. But regardless of that, you can easily export the original file to the hard drive. They also have some image editing features, such as quick lighting fixes, filters, and the basics. 

In terms of organization, it utilizes albums and archives, You can easily sort it by date, time, and location. You can also tag the photos or mark your favorites. To make things more convenient, they also have a search bar.

You can send your photos to a shared album or order custom prints. The software can also create a shareable link or sent it to social media accounts.

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe

Magix Photo Manager Deluxe (1)

This software has a free trial available but can be bought for $49.99. It has upgrades worth $29.99. It features bulk and individual exports. For image editing, it has sharpening, filters, and effects. It also has cropping and level horizon features.

You can organize your photos by metadata, filters, names, events, and location tags. You can export the images to all conventional file formats. But you can send them to other Magix products too, like Slideshow Maker.

The software is a popular choice if you’re looking for an image manager with a one-time payment. It makes all the image organization simpler and more convenient. The software even makes editing suggestions. It’s a great option for professional and business-related photo editing.

Are you worried about whether your photos are too blurred or unprofessional? Magix Photo Manager Deluxe can sort them all out!


Bynder dashboard

Bynder has a free 30-day trial available but they offer custom plans based on storage usage, users, and the number of modules. You can also download the image but options for quick cropping, different formats, and sizes.

For image editing, it offers bulk editing, an inline editor, and a template builder with drag-and-drop. You can easily crop, and use layers and filters. You can organize the photos by tags, filters, and collections.

Bynder offers separate product suits, like a digital asset manager for images and a creative workflow tool. Even though they’re sold separately, you can speak to a sales representative to pair your chosen products together.

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Bridge has a free plan but you can avail of additional features and services for $9.99 monthly. The software can do batch exports and scaling options for multiple formats. You can easily resize, rescale, and link to more advanced editing tools. An example of this is photoshop.

The software also lets you organize the photos by filters, labels, and ratings. Other options include organizing by metadata, keywords, and collections.

Adobe Bridge is well-known for its smooth workflow and interface. However, it’s not that popular with users who aren’t part of the Adobe community. This is partly because of its learning curve. But upon learning more about the program, you’ll see the advantages that professionals enjoy about it.


Managers who use online membership software would enjoy using image management software. There’s a certain contentment in keeping everything in order and being able to efficiently do your job because of it.

The business image management software we recommended is good for beginners and professionals. They’ll keep your images organized and accessible. Not to mention, they even have editing features so you can clean up and make the images more professional.

The software offers many benefits, including privacy settings. This is if you’re concerned about people using your images without your permission. Because your images are stored in the cloud, you can keep a backup of the important ones on a hard drive.

Online membership software may be the all-in-one management for an association. But image management software is the all-in-one management for photos.

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