Which Type Of Products Needs Natural Shadow Effect And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Which Type Of Products Needs Natural Shadow Effect

The eCommerce industry is so competitive, that the demand for high-quality product images has risen dramatically. You may have experienced the engagement of good quality images with clean backgrounds, natural shadow effects, and perfect adjustments, whether you have an online store or a photo studio. In all aspects, the natural shadow effect has a huge impact on product images and the rest of your eCommerce. 

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But here’s the thing: you’ve realized you need natural shadow effects, but you’re not sure which products require them, so it could end up being a disaster. I’ll discuss which products need shadow effects in this article. But, before we get started, let’s go over what natural shadow is and how it works.

What are Natural Shadow Effects 

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Natural shadow effects are created by using the shadow that naturally occurs when taking photographs. When a product is directly illuminated by a light source, a shadow is created automatically. Natural shadow effects contribute to the look of realism and professionalism by allowing more adjustment and creativity in the shadow. In most cases, accurate shadow effects or natural shadow effects improve image quality and make products less harsh.

For example, if a product shadow is distracted by the incidence of the light source, light intensity, or product position, it’s difficult to achieve the perfect shadow, which is why UCP’s natural shadow effect service comes into play.

Our shadow creation service ensures that each of your products is edited with greater care and attention. because our team knows how to create the exact shadows you were looking for.

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Why you should add natural shadow to your product images 

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Natural shadow is more important than any other type of shadow because it gives customers the confidence to buy online as they would in person.

Natural-looking shadows also give your product images a more professional appearance, which is crucial for eCommerce. For example, if a product can stand alone without any support and there are no shadows, your customers may be confused or discouraged from purchasing from your e-store. Instead, using shadows appears as if a product is being displayed in real life. Natural shadows can also be a great addition to your product if used correctly.

Which Type Of Products Needs Natural Shadow Effect

Products Needs Natural Shadow Effect

Natural shadows can be achieved for almost any product; however, consistency is the most important factor to consider when shadowing your product images.

With the right light sources and product positioning, getting shadows is easier, but the problem is that there’s a good chance your product won’t get shadows that look natural and perfect.

For example, if you have a furniture product, you can easily get a natural shadow with a simple light source, but if you place the product in the wrong position or use the wrong lighting sources, you will not be able to get enough of them and attract customers. To avoid these problems, hire a professional product photographer to assist you in taking great photos and making your product images look even better.

Here are some noticeable products that need a natural shadow effect:

Shoe Products 

shoe image

One of the more noticeable products that require natural shadow effects is the shoe. The shoe does not appear better or more realistic without it. There’s no doubt that if you run an eCommerce store, you have a lot of products, including shoes. Aside from all of your products, you should focus on shoe images to create the necessary shadows. The right lighting setup is required to achieve natural shadow effects, which makes the images more compelling and appropriate.


Sunglass and Eyewear 

sunglass image

Because sunglasses and eyewear are small, product photography requires a lot of effort. We usually place them on a shiny surface so that they can cast shadows and appear more valuable. Natural sunlight makes sunglasses more realistic most of the time. It also improves the sunglasses’ aesthetics.



cosmetic product image

When you see cosmetics with natural shadow, you’ll think the seller is selling you the most natural product possible. The natural shadow and photo quality are what make cosmetic products stand out on eCommerce sites. Most high-end cosmetic times would have realistic and smoother lighting in order to achieve greatness in cosmetic products. However, the majority of them use soft lighting to create a more realistic environment.


Furniture Products

furniture product image

As I previously stated, you can easily get a natural shadow with a simple light source if you have a furniture product, but if you place the product in the wrong position or use the wrong lighting sources, you will not be able to get enough of them to attract customers. So, in order to achieve the desired shadow, you must either use natural light from the window or hire professional drop shadow services.

Natural shadows are typically included in all photo shoots; however, some products, such as jewelry, may not receive natural shadows during the photoshoot and instead require precise shadows in post-production processing. If you’re not sure how to add shadows to your product images, take a look at this tutorial:

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How You Can Make Full Use Of It (Top Tips) 

Setting up light and positioning the product can be difficult, and it’s possible that you won’t be able to capture a perfect natural shadow, but you can always add one in post-production.

Though you can get natural shadows in products like furniture or shoes by simply taking photos, creating natural shadows in Photoshop will make your images look more professional and realistic. Here’s how to add shadows to your product images step by step.

How To Give Natural Shadow Effect In Photoshop Quickly? 

In a nutshell, you can create shadow effects on your product images by using the right light sources and product positioning. So, before you take a single picture, double-check that you have the right light source, whether it’s natural or artificial.

Hiring a Natural Shadow Making Service? Here’s What You Should Know Now

How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Adding natural shadow to your product images can be simple for some products but difficult for others, such as jewelry photos. In either case, you’ll need to fine-tune your images to create shadows, which are crucial for branding and sales.

When it comes to hiring a natural shadow-making service, there are a number of things to consider in order to ensure that you get the best service possible. If you search for the best natural shadow creation service, you will find a plethora of options; as a result, deciding on the best one can be difficult. Take a look at the following article to see what factors to consider before hiring a service.

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