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Top 10 freelance photo editing companies in 2021 – Photographer’s Reviews

As days go by, people’s trust and reliance on freelance photo editing are increasing considerably. Because, with the triumph of technological advancement, our dependence on the internet has elevated at a tremendous rate. In this context, day by day traditional business thinking is also converting into online-based business plans. And everyone is leaning towards strengthening their virtual existence, whether it’s an e-commerce business or a company website, or a personal social media account.

And the most effective and practical determinant of our existence in the online world is the images we use. So, it is obvious that our image carries our identity in the online world. Therefore, from social media influencers to every online-based business platform, the ladder that all are using to climb the pinnacle of success, is photography.

The better and more elegant the photographs you display, the more your impression and reliability will increase. And by helping you in this endeavor to make your online presence more meaningful and productive, the thing that has no alternatives is freelance photo editing. And there are thousands of companies out there to help you in this regard.

But it is not possible to measure everyone on an equal footing. And without knowing about their business details and working policies, it is not possible to understand who is the best of the best. So today in this discussion we are going to focus on the Top 10 freelance photo editing companies in 2021, to help you ensure the best service out there.


1. Uk Clipping Path


Uk Clipping path is a United Kingdom-based Photo editing & Graphics Design company. With ten years of photo editing experience, this has become one of the leading and most successful freelance photo editing companies out there. And you can rely on it for any kind of professional photo editing service with the assurance of high-security management. So, the retouched photos will not be accessible to a third party without your permission.

Services Offered

  • This company will satisfy you with high-quality services like –
    • Clipping Path
    • Background Removal
    • Shadow Creation
    • Color Correction
    • Photo Retouching
    • Photo Masking
    • Ghost Mannequin
    • E-commerce Photo Editing
    • Jewelry Photo Editing
  • This company offers you a free trial so that you get the exact service you are looking for. And also be sure of your selection and project satisfaction.
  • You can share your photos or files that need to be edited with them using Email or FTP. You can also send the files by using Google Drive, Dropbox & We Transfer.
  • They also add the following artistic effects to showcase your images in the best light:
    •   Watercolor
    •   Oil painting
    •   New age designs
    •   Retro art like comic book effect
    •   Pop art
    •   Neon effects
  • This company is very much client-friendly and open to all. It has a team of experts to ensure that you get the best quality of work.
  • There is no issue of time selection while asking for a service from The UK Clipping Path company. Because they stay active and open 24 hours a day and throughout the whole month.
  • They have a wide variety of payment methods. Anyone can easily make the balance transaction through Online Banking, PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard.
  • Uk Clipping Path offers you unlimited free revisions to make sure you get the highest level of services and customer satisfaction is cent percent ensured.
  • This company offers a money-back guarantee or redo the work free of cost if you think you didn’t get what you wanted.

2. FotoFigo  


Fotofigo is an online-based digital photo editing service that provides high-quality retouching to your images. This is one of the most infamous freelance photo editing companies. Taking service from Foto Figo is very simple. All you need to do is select the package that suits you, upload the photos, wait briefly for their team to work their magic, and then download the processed photos. 

Services Offered

  • FotoFigo offers high-quality online photo editing services including-
    •   Portrait Retouching 
    •   Photo Enhancement
    •   Event Photo Editing
    •   Real Estate Photo Editing
    •   Photo Manipulation
    •   E-Commerce Photo Editing.
  • It has four different types of packages. 
    •   Figo Ten
    •   Figo plus
    •   Figo Saver
    •   Figo Max.
  •  It gives a commitment to maximizing image quality in 4 easy steps.

             Step 1- Register with it.

             Step 2- Select Package and Make Payment.

             Step 3- Upload Photos and Select Services.

             Step 4- Download Retouched Photos.

  • They have HTTPS browsing, payment through PayPal, and other data security measures in place to keep all your details safe.
  • Foto Figo guarantees a 24-hour response time based on the photo editing services you have requested.
  • If they fail to deliver within the specified time and requirements, you will get your photos retouched for free.
  • Foto Figo offers you unlimited free revisions to get a flawless photo.

3. Weedit Photos


Weedit Photos is a world-class graphics design company providing support for advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, and printing & publishing companies around the world, assisting with all varieties of graphic design and photo editing support. They provide almost all kinds of graphic design services according to the client’s requirements. 

Services Offered

  • Weedit Photos offers services such as-
    •   Image Manipulation Service
    •   Image Masking Service
    •   Photo Retouching Service
    •   Color Correction Service
    •   Clipping Path Service
    •   Multiple Clipping Path
    •   Drop Shadow Creation.
  • This company has a 3-shift operation capacity, and is able to process thousands of images within 24 hours a day, no matter how large a volume of images you have.
  • The company provides free trial services to enable you to check on their quality. And you will also get the option of requesting quotes and get one for free within one hour.
  • They always maintain their deadline and ensure you get an unlimited amount of revisions whenever you ask for it.
  • They offer a commitment of payment after delivery. And only if you like it and agree to accept the delivery.

4. Pixelz

Pixelz is a Denmark based creative freelance photo editing company established in 1999.  It was founded by three very promising Danish entrepreneurs to help people dealing with e-commerce photo editing and other professional photograph dependent sectors. And as there was no cost-effective way to get product images edited consistently, quickly, and professionally Pixelz started becoming popular in a very short span of time.

Services Offered

  • Pixelz offers high-quality photo editing services like-
    •        Background Removal
    •        Crop, Pad, & Align,
    •        Clipping Paths
    •        Multiple Outputs
    •        Invisible Mannequin
    •        Shadows
  • You can create collections of your photos, customize storage time, and search dynamically based on time period, uploader, status, and more.
  • You can also set your optimal background, sizing, alignment, margins, file type, color profile, DPI, shadowing, and more.
  • They allow four different plans-
    – API
    – Solo
    – Professional
    – Enterprise
  • Anyone can upload images by web, FTP, or URL to place an order, and download them the same way.
  • Along with a free trial, they allow you to review your order’s status, specs, and cost at any time.
  • You can also share completed orders with a single link that doesn’t require login details to view or download images.

5. PhotozWorld


PhotozWorld is a leading Freelance Photo Editing Company based in India with customers from all across the globe, including the USA, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia, and many more. They have a vast experience of almost fifteen years in the line of photo editing and are known for their creativity, commitment, and reasonable prices. It’s a customer-centric photo editing company with a high level of dedication and commitment towards the work.

Services Offered

  • PhotozWorld features a wide range of services like-
    •   Image Retouching
    •   Enhancement of Image Colors
    •   Image Cropping
    •   Change/Modification of Colors
    •   Addition of Objects, Elements, or Logos
    •   Clipping path
    •   Creating panoramas
    •   HDR Blending
    •   Removal of Unwanted Objects, Elements, or Logos
  • Their photo editing professionals use Adobe Photoshop to edit the images in tune with specific business requirements.
  • They offer individual attention, consultation, and a Free Trial to every client to assure you of your superior services.
  • The company also offers a wide variety of services including-
    • Editing face and body photos
    • Retouching social networking profile photos
    • Polishing sales and auctions business photos
    • Fixing vehicle and real estate photos
    • Editing children and baby’s photos
    • Animal and nature photos
  • You will get the option of payment after delivery and the payment method includes Online Banking, PayPal, VISA, and Mastercard.

6. Photographers Edit

Photographers Edit is a popular photo editing company. Having more than two hundred regular satisfied clients their expert team is always ready to take responsibility for all your Graphic Designing projects and Image Editing services 0according to your requirements. Their perpetual obligation is to stringently meet the client’s demand and facilitate a high level of quality. 

Services Offered

  • Photographers Edit offer high-quality services such as-
    •  Clipping Path Service
    •  E-commerce Image Solution
    •  Color Correction Services
    •  Ghost Mannequin Effect
    •   Photo Retouching Services
    •   Shadow Making Service
    •   Image Masking Service
    •   Photo Restoration
    •   Headshot Retouching Service
    •   Image Manipulation Services
    •   Wedding Photo Editing
  • They also hire part-time designers for editing projects when workloads higher and new projects appear.
  • This company always leaves opportunities for Graphic Designers, Image Editing specialists, SEO experts, effective site engineers, and a group of specialists for specialized support.
  • They offer business day delivery to the clients. Turnaround Time: 4-6hrs, 6-12hrs, 12-24hrs. And the price depends on delivery time.
  • Clients with bulk images (Min 500+) or larger projects usually get special discounts.
  • Though none of the unlimited revisions or money-back guarantee is committed. But they always try their best in satisfying clients.

7. Retouchup


Retouchup is a freelance photo editing company founded in 2010. They provide fast service, a retouch that looks like the photo was never altered and the lowest prices in the industry.

Offered Services

  • You will get varieties of high-quality photo editing options and offers including but not limited to-
    • Background Removal Service
    • Photo Retouching Service
    • Ghost Mannequin Services
    • Ecommerce Image Editing
    • Drop Shadow Service
    • Photo Editing Service
    • Photo Restoration Services
    • Color Correction Service
  • They provide image editing services for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, Volusion, Weebly, etc.
  • You will get a free trial and then choose your preferred project.
  • They offer a wide variety of payment options so that you can do transactions from anywhere in the world, any time, without any hassle.
  • They are available 24/7 and work in 3 shifts. Each shift contains 8 hours.
  • Their services are categorized into three-part. They are-
    •  Simple
    •  Medium
    •  Complex.

8. Deepetch


Deepetch is a USA based freelance photo editing company who has built a reputation as a versatile and one of the best in the business of image editing since 2007.  When it comes to free trials, deepetch stands out as one of the best. You can edit up to 5 photos for free using their trial option. They offer a wide range of photo editing services for various photographers. Payment goes in accordance with the amount of time you’d like an editor to edit your work. 

Services Offered

  • They specialize in delivering image editing services such as –
    •     Hand Drawn Clipping Paths
    •     Photoshop Masking/ Alpha channels/ Hair masking
    •     Remove Background from image
    •     Color Correction and Management
    •     Digital Photo Retouching
    •     Raster to Vector conversion
    •     Ghost Mannequin
  • You can upload your images through our online web application or through FTP. You can also send your images  via Dropbox, Yousendit, We transfer, Hightail or Email.
  • They will edit your images according to your request. You can track your jobs progress online within your account or wait for an email from their team.
  • They will send your files and photos in any format you want. Including JPEG, EPS, AI, PSD, TIFF, PNG and GIF.
  • Their global customer and technical support teams operate 24/7 and you can reconnect with them anytime you want.
  • You can choose your job delivery time The job. time frames can range from 2 hours to 168 hours.
  • The cheapest option costs $14. A retoucher will edit your image for an hour.
  • This service is on the pricier side, but it’s a good solution for photographers who want to edit just a few pictures.


9. PixelPhant


If you are searching for a specialized Product Image Editing Service for your eCommerce, then PixelPhant can be of good use to you. It’s a versatile freelance photo editing company specially dedicated to e-commerce product image editing. They are determined to make your product images speak for your brand and ensure the best quality images. 

Services Offered

  • Their services include-
    •  Clipping Path Service
    •  E-commerce Image Solution
    •  Jewelry Retouching Service
    •  Color Correction Services
    •  Ghost Mannequin Effect
    •  Change/Modification of Colors
    •  Addition of Objects, Elements, or Logos
    •  Creating panoramas
  • They provide all the photo editing services anyone needs just within 24 hours!
  • JPG, Web Optimized JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, or Same as Original. You can choose any of the file formats that you will need.
  • If you are in a rush, they will offer you a quick delivery service. However, if you are not in a rush, you can get some special discounts on pricing from them.
  • PixelPhant offers you to track your Orders and stay in touch with Your personal Dashboard.
  • They also focus on creating a platform to make it easy for you to contact them whenever you wish to access and review the project when you get the delivery of your order.
  • Projects are done using software like Adobe (R) Photoshop (R), Lightroom, Affinity Photo, Capture One (R) for photo editing.
  • There are several categories of pricing offered by them. Including-

                                      – Artificial shadows +($0.30) 

                                       – Basic Retouching +($1.00)

                                       – Advanced Retouching +($2.00)

                                       – 3D Ghost Mannequin +($1.50)

  • You can also buy credits for regular use. That will save you some money.

10. Pixopal

Pixopal is a US based leading freelance photo editing company. With a very long time of experience it has proved to be a very promising photo editing agency. With a high concentration to customer satisfaction this platform is designed for consistency and fast turn around. They are very skilled and committed towards their works. And currently working with some worlds best apparel brands, top still life photographers, and a number of e-commerce retailers and product, real-estate, and headshot photographers.

Services Offered

Pixopal offers a good number of quality photo editing services including

  •   Image Manipulation Service
  •   Image Masking Service
  •   Photo Retouching Service
  •   Color Correction Service
  •   Clipping path
  •   Creating panoramas
  •   HDR Blending
  •   Removal of Unwanted Objects, Elements, or Logos
  • They normally provide services on Product, Fashion, Real Estate and Headshots.
  • Just to ensure Trust and Guarantee, they offer a US $100.00 quality guarantee on the first project.
  • They offer per image and per hour pricing for your custom requirements. Their pay as you go offer ensures deliveries in just 18 hours and in 1$ per image.
  • They have two types of pricing features. One is a basic editing feature and the other one is an advanced editing feature.
  • With 24/7 activity they ensure highest customer satisfaction and unlimited revisions after the work is handed over.

Final Overview

Finally, the given discussion regarding Best Freelance Photo Editing Companies gives a detailed idea about the working methods of some of the best photo editing companies in the world, their thinking, servicing style and the places of their commitment towards customers. Through which you can easily understand the service of your choice from the designated company.

In fact, all companies or organizations want to elevate their position by satisfying the customer by providing their maximum service from their respective places. However, it solely depends on your tastes, needs and budget, which service you will accept.

If you need photo editing on a small scale and budget is not an issue for you then companies like deepetch and pixelphant can be a good option for you. But in this case, you always have to go through some limitations in case of a large amount of work and ensuring optimum quality for them.

Again, if you want to do a lot of photo editing work and companies like Pixelz or FotoFigo are for you. 

However, in this case the budget and limitations of time will be left to you. And for small projects you will have to rely on another company. But if you want to do more photo editing in a short time, on a modest budget, then my first recommendation will be UK Clipping Path. Although the rest are no less.

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