Ted Baker

Ted Baker Case Study

The Client

Ted Baker is a British luxury brand headquartered in London. They have over 500 stores worldwide, according to a 2018 report. The brand takes pride in designing, developing, and producing high-quality women’s and men’s clothing. With high-quality products, services, and communications, the company has dramatically expanded its range in a short period of time.

Delivering high-end quality luxury products and providing a strong brand personality with sharp, clean images has helped the company become one of the most popular brands in the world.

Client’s Requirements & UCP’s Solutions 

The client, as one of the world’s most well-known brands, had a lot of image editing requirements to meet in order to maintain their standards. The fact is that the brand had been represented through images for decades and was the reason for their increased focus on images. The requirements and solutions we came up with are listed below.

The large volume of images: They needed to edit 30,000 photos. Model images, money bags, ladies’ bags, shoes, and other fashion categories are among the images that appear. They wanted the background removed and the images retouched in the way they wanted.

Solution: Our team of retouchers had gone through many projects that required us to edit over 80,000 images within 3 months or so. And we accomplished it. For Ted Baker, we confirmed that we were able to retouch such a large volume.   

Strict deadline: The client was in a hurry and needed to edit 30,000 photos in 45 days. And there was no way to compromise the deadline. Apart from that, they required us to provide a certain amount of images on a daily basis.

Solution: We followed up with the client and confirmed that the UCP was capable of delivering high-quality images in under 45 days. We had to dedicate 40 people with the specialized expertise of retouching, so we can meet the deadline and provide outstanding images. 

Extensive requirements: They sent us a 30-page pdf file with image editing instructions. Furthermore, the image structure was created with a drawing so that our team could gain insight into their business standards and produce the best results. 

Solution: Our team had gone through the extensive guideline, provided by the client, to fulfill the requirements. 

High-end quality: Despite the fact that the client had 30,000 images to edit, he demanded that we maintain the quality of each and every one of them using the guide he provided. Every image had a distinct style that needed a unique approach.

Solution: UCP had gone through every step of the process to ensure that their images were edited to their specifications. Because our team investigated and discovered what makes them unique in the industry, as well as the approach that will be taken through images. 

Security: We always ensure data security though, the client required us to put more attention to the security of his images. Even, he said to send him the data protection license. 

Solution: We sent them the data protection license from ICO, UK as soon as they wanted. Also, we ensured that 100% security will be made and confirmed through an NDA agreement.

Challenges UCP Had Faced

Our team worked extremely hard and put in extra hours every day to meet both the quality and the deadline due to the tight deadline. Furthermore, the client’s images were extremely complex. We applied different treatments to different images which took so much effort to get the project done.   

The Results

Our team of expert retouchers went over the images, again and again, making them as perfect as possible. After going over all of the images several times, each team member knew exactly what made them unique by the end of the project. Our client was completely satisfied, claiming that the images we retouched helped them grow their business by up to 40%.

About UCP’s Image Editing Services 

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