Lombardo Case Study

The Client

Lombardo is a well-known wedding and event venue in Boston. It’s a family-owned business that’s now in its fourth generation. 

Previously, The Lombardo family worked in the retail food industry, owning and operating Liberty Supermarkets in East Boston and the North Shore. However, the idea for Lombardo’s as a function venue arose from East Boston residents’ requests for an empty hall to be made available for events. As a result, Paul and Sal Lombardo opened Lombardo’s Function Hall in East Boston in 1963. (sons of Nina and Vincent). They opened a second location in Randolph in 1983. This is their only location as of the year 2000.

They needed a professional image editing company to edit their beauty product images according to their specifications. They eventually ended up on UCP and got connected to our project manager

Client’s Requirements & UCP’s Solutions 

The client wanted their beauty product images to be retouched, backgrounds removed, and dust removed. Because they provide premium-quality event venues, they are more conscious of the need for clean and appealing images to maintain their brand standard. Below are the requirements the client provided as well as the solutions we came up with.

The large volume of images: They were in need of editing 3242 photos of beauty products. They requested that the background should be removed and images should be retouched to look more professional. As a result, they choose to use our services. More polished images of beauty products draw in more customers. That is why they demanded that we clean the dust and polish the images as much as possible.

Solution: Our retouchers had gone over every detail of each image, clipping images, removing backgrounds, and cleaning unwanted objects. Despite this, they worked extra hours to ensure that their images were as clean as possible.

Strict deadline: In just seven days, the client needed us to edit 3242 images. Despite the fact that beauty product image retouching is a time-consuming task, the client had no choice but to stick to the deadline.

Solution: To meet the deadline, we expanded our retouching team with more experts. Not only that, but all of our team members had to work extra hours in order to meet both the quality and the deadline.

High-end quality: Despite the fact that the client was on a tight deadline, he insisted on high-end image quality. Quality images are important in order for their business to stay afloat. That’s why he required us to put more attention on quality over everything else.

Solution: UCP had gone through each step of the process to ensure that their images were edited exactly how they wanted them. Because our team looked into what makes them unique in the industry, as well as the approach that will be taken through images.

Challenges UCP Had Faced

Meeting the deadline was one of the most difficult aspects of this project. It was a little more difficult for our team to retouch nearly 600 images per day. To meet the deadline without sacrificing quality, we’ve added some expert retouchers and put in extra hours. They prefer higher-quality images for their product photos because they are in the wedding management business. We completed the project with 100% satisfaction thanks to our dedication to work and friendly communication.

The Results

The audience of Lombardo found the images impressive, which was the most appreciated result. That’s the reason, within a few days or so, the company had seen massive results. As our vision and mission suggest, we place a higher priority on quality than the price at UCP. With that being said, the client was satisfied and was able to save and earn more. It was fantastic to hear the client’s feedback. He now intends to tell his friends and family about our vision.

About UCP’s Image Editing Services 

UK Clipping Path began its journey with the goal of providing a premium image editing and retouching experience. UCP has proven itself over the last few years by editing millions of images for hundreds of clients around the world. Our team of retouchers has over ten years of experience and understands what matters to eCommerce, business owners, and photographers. Apart from that, because of our friendly environment and respectful collaboration, they are more motivated and passionate about the industry.

UCP has your back if you’re serious about editing your photos and growing your business. Contact us today and upload your images, then wait for our feedback and tell us what you need. Don’t be concerned about making a final decision; we provide a free trial so you can try it out before deciding.

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