Building a photography portfolio is one of the most important aspect to get succeed as a portrait or Product photographer. It’s give overall idea about yourself and work experience and quality you got in photography to a prospective client if they should hire you. I shouldn’t mentioned that but I am saying it anyway that a portfolio must be done by you. What I mean by that all your portfolio work need to be your own. If you think to add another photographer photography into your own portfolio and think to believe others that you have done this by yourself then you will regret it later. The least thing I can say about this it’s a copyright violation and it doesn’t improve a bit of your experience rather you can’t survive in long run. Its happen all the time so be careful about this. Let’s move now.

First thing first, how do you create a photography portfolio by yourself? I saw so many photographers they take some snapshots of their friends or family members from here and there and use those pic as portfolio. It’s not a professional way to done this perfectly rather it can cause more problem like other family member and friends will ask you to take theirs. It’s really not a clever idea to make a professional photography portfolio.


I always recommend who are new in photography and want to establish their photography portfolio is to take picture from pre planned or organized photography season like Wedding, Planned Birthday, and Marriage Day etc. where you got the permission or responsibility to take picture. By doing this you aren’t only increasing your photography portfolio rather you are increasing your knowledge in controlling and directing a planned/organized photography season and it’s possible to get new client from party organizer by their recommendation.

There are two main thought on professional photography portfolio creation. Some people will ask you to photo shoot completely free of charge which will give you complete freedom to choose your own subjects and you can control all aspect of the photo season such as makeup, lighting, clothing and location.  Others suggestion is to charge for a season instead of free photo shoot. I have experience on both type of portfolio creation and I am leaving this for now so you can decide which option you should go with according to your circumstance.

Now I am going to tell you How to Create an Attractive Photography portfolio without Lots of Hustle.



This is the first thing a photographer keep that in mind before any photo shoot deal even if that’s free season. This is my conclusive rule. If a model doesn’t agree to sign this agreement then she isn’t worthy to waste your time with. Because if you do work with him or her without agreement He or she can put you into trouble of copyrighting laws. You need the release paper to use his/her photography in your promotional materials. So be careful be arrange any season for photography.



Remember this caution before you start any project. If you are new and want to build your portfolio then don’t think to server others for free all the time. You should take a very limited schedule to make your portfolio but always take the best photos from planned events to put on your portfolio showcase. But when you get your business run properly you can take paid season photos to your work portfolio by your client approval. If you think some season are going to very good you should try to make deal with the owner to use some of those photos to your portfolio.



Never ever think to give your full work to photography farm because you are making this beautiful portfolio image for a cheap price than you are actually worth. You always can offer them a discounted rate or offer a reasonable price.  But if you giving away your files then soon you will find your next client asking the same. This could hamper your business before you become success.



Don’t feel guilty yourself if you are making yourself strict in some point because you are starting a business not a charity organization. I am sorry to say this way but its reality which pushing to tell you this. I had so many bad experience where people want to take your service for nothing but there are opposite as well. But I booked so many season for free as a gift to my friends and relatives or friend relatives. This guys didn’t asked me to make it for free but I did it by myself. So decide yourself which why you want to deal in this circumstance.



Planning is very important in any business not just photography. If you are a good planner and know what to do next then your winning chance is 99 percent. Always keep in mind what your goal is form this season and what you want to accomplish by it. Always ask some question to client about the season before start shooting. This will give you extra confidence and allow you to make the season as your client like also this will help you to organize what to do and how to do the season perfectly.



Remember, this is business. Do not let your ego get too wrapped up in what you are doing. Focus on the goal of each session, accept feedback from your subjects, but learn not to take it personally. When choosing the images from your portfolio, use the strongest images that best match your objectives, even when they are not the ones your subjects liked the best.



As I told you before planning is the key to success in any business. So before start a photo shooting season write down your key points and observe them closely what and how you need to accomplish that. Once you are done select which image you will use to your work showcase and take some time to edit those image with image editing Services software like Photoshop and make those eye-catching. When editing some of your photos try to make certain points like colour balance correcting, cropping, light enhancing or reducing etc. Try to make your portfolio as professional as you can.

But if you think you are not good at photo Retouching then hire some photo editing company or individual who will make your life easier. They will charge a very little if you can provide them work regularly.

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