The 7 Biggest Ghost Mannequin Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid For Your Clothing Photography

Ghost Mannequin Mistakes

With so many new trends in clothing photography, it’s difficult to keep up. If you sell clothing, you’ve definitely run into a lot of issues with apparel product photography. The ghost mannequin, which allows you to generate 3D effects and shape on your clothing products, is one of the most common parts of clothing photography

Clothing achieves the true shape and effects that appear as if someone is wearing it utilizing ghost mannequin photography. So, even if you’ve used the goods in photos previously, the beauty of your product is captured like never before by the ghost mannequin. It’s incredible to see how significantly your product altered just by adding a few unique features like a ghost mannequin.

There are certain pitfalls to avoid while making ghost mannequin effects in the context of clothing photography. In this article, I’ll discuss the potential for mistakes as well as some helpful hints for getting more consistent photos.

1. The garment that has not been prepared

Regardless of how precisely your shot was taken, If you don’t have your clothes ready. When shooting, the product is frequently disregarded in favor of other considerations like camera setup, lighting, mannequins, and so on. Make sure the clothes or apparel you wish to photograph are clean, pressed, or steamed to get better consistency in your photographs. Make sure the garment is free of any stickers, tags, or other identifying items. You can use tapes or lint rollers to remove fabric strings or dust from the product.

2. Using Flat-Lay or Hanger Photography

Using Flat-Lay or Hanger Photography

Clothing photography that involves putting clothes flat or hanging them on hangers is an old technique that may or may not work for you.  Because the majority of your competitors use mannequins to create better apparel pictures and attract more customers. So before taking shots, make sure you have mannequins to get the right shape of your clothing in the images. 

3. Lacking the Proper Ghost Mannequin

Proper Ghost Mannequin

One of the most common blunders is failing to use a good ghost mannequin. You could make a mistake with the mannequin’s size, resulting in inappropriate photographs. As a result, it’s critical to select the ideal mannequin for your products before you begin photographing them. Because there are so many different forms and sizes of invisible mannequins. Choosing the appropriate mannequin among a wide number of mannequins may appear tough, but it is necessary to do so in order to avoid ruining your photoshoot.

4. Not Enough Light For Ghost Mannequin Photography 

Light For Ghost Mannequin Photography 

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If you set everything up correctly but the lighting isn’t quite perfect, your clothing photographs won’t work for the reason you intended, and this will have a huge impact on their appearance and attractiveness in the eyes of clients. You can utilize natural light or bright lighting to guarantee that the object receives the necessary lighting. Product photography with a white background is preferred by most online businesses and fashion photographers. You may do the same to ensure that your product photographs are bright and inviting.

5. Taking Inadequate Shots

The purpose of ghost mannequin photography is to capture many photographs of your clothes image and combine them in post-production to erase the mannequin. If you capture poor photographs, you may not be able to edit and combine them to provide the finest results. Take a bunch of pictures to get the desired effect.

6. Using Camera Settings That Aren’t Appropriate

Your entire photoshoot plan could be ruined if you use the wrong camera settings. Furthermore, wasting time and money on ineffective attempts can be costly. So, for your photoshoot, get the correct camera and settings. With the proper settings and positioning, any camera can produce high-quality clothing shots. Keep the ISO as low as possible when photographing clothing. If you’re photographing in low light, increase the ISO to add more light to your photo. Maintain a steady and relaxed pace.

7. Inadequate Editing

Even if you concentrate on every aspect of ghost mannequin photography, there may be certain flaws in your images that photography cannot fix. The most efficient way to make changes to your clothes photos is to retouch them. Whether you need to remove the mannequin, change the background, fix lines in your clothes, remove flaws, and more, ghost mannequin photography may be able to assist you to achieve the best results.

If you want to retouch your image on your own, read the full guide.

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Tips For Ghost Mannequin Photography

Tips For Ghost Mannequin Photography

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The Ghost mannequin makes it easier to take more professional clothing shots. It can also imitate the true shape of your apparel so that customers can imagine themselves wearing it.

The only method to perform ghost mannequin photography is to set up a mannequin, dress it up, and photograph it. You’ll need to utilize some tactics to create a professional-looking shot of your clothing for your eCommerce shop. They’re right here.

Selecting the appropriate ghost mannequin

Ghost mannequins come in many different sizes and styles. If you don’t choose the right mannequin, your clothes will not fit properly. Make sure you have a variety of mannequins on hand before you start shooting.


After you’ve found the right mannequin, group together the items that will fit without having to switch mannequins and pieces. You’ll save a significant amount of time and effort, giving you more time to style.


The right camera settings 

Your ghost mannequin product photography strategy can be completely derailed if you use the wrong camera settings. As a result, setting up proper camera settings is critical. Any camera can take high-quality clothing photos with the right settings and positioning.


The camera has a manual mode that allows you to independently control ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. However, depending on the weather and your needs, you can adjust the settings before taking photos.


When photographing clothing, keep the ISO as low as possible. Increase the ISO to add more light to your photo and make it perfect if you’re shooting in low light. You should also keep the aperture as wide as possible when photographing product images (F16 or F22). Maintain a slow and steady pace.


style your clothes

If your garment isn’t quite right, use styling pins to tighten the back panel. You may use as many pins as you desire. Take your time styling the garment on the mannequin and checking for proper fit. If the garment has any creases, you won’t be able to take the perfect shot. As a result, ensure that no visible creases exist.


Closer inspection and backshots

Customers always want to see products up close and personal, which is why closer photos are critical for making a good first impression and assisting customers in making decisions. Backshots will be necessary to highlight the full range of products that customers are looking for. This helps to distinguish products and persuade users to shop on your website. A better photo shoot will ensure that your product is visible across the screen and that your customers have a positive experience. Rotate the mannequin and take shots from the back of the garment to get some back shots.

Keeping  all the lines straight

In your photos, make sure to highlight any interesting inner linings, cuffs, or zips on your garment. Spread the legs of your garment apart to show off the zips, the collar or jacket (or adorn it! ), and photos from various angles. This can make an outfit look more polished, so keep it in mind if you’re shooting like a fashion blogger.


Showing more Detail

The goal of ghost mannequin photography is to better showcase the shape of your clothes. You should also include additional information so that customers are aware of the scope of your product. In your photos, make sure to highlight any interesting inner linings, cuffs, or zips on your garment. When it comes to selling your product, all of these elements are extremely helpful.

To know more about ghost mannequin photography tips, check out the previous blog we’ve posted.

Final Words

The ghost mannequin is a terrific technique to keep your clothing photos consistent if you manage a fashion firm. Avoiding any of the aforementioned blunders will go a long way toward assisting you in creating ghost mannequin effects in your clothing images.

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