Today In this article I am going to give you 7 unique tips for Pinterest Marketing. If you have an online store and want to promote then follow this guide to grow your eCommerce store with Pinterest. But Photo Retouching is very essential for you to promote business on Pinterest.


Using relevant images are vital factors in any social media marketing & when it comes about Pinterest it’s more than just marketing because Pinterest is one of the few social media platforms which are purely based on images.  Without Photo Retouching pin on  Pinterest marketing is nothing. So whenever you try to promote your eCommerce products on Pinterest make sure you have the best quality image for Pinterest.

But if you are thinking about image privacy policy then I always advise producing your own product image. If you have a DSLR camera that will be best but the phone with good camera resolution will make your work as well. You should focus on lighting and camera angle when taking photoshoot by yourself. But if you feel uncomfortable or have hesitation to make the best shot for your products I advise to hire a professional product photographer if you have some budget for product photography.

Having said that, if you don’t want to spend your time on image & photography you can ask your product vendor to give some high-quality image to use on your store. Almost every time they will provide you with the image you are looking for but if they don’t then visit It’s one of the most used royalty free image sites that exist till today.

So, follow these steps to get the best & perfect images for your Pinterest promotion.


If you own or work with an e-commerce store and sell something there you already know the power of Product descriptions. It also applies to Pinterest as well.

After making initial profile setup start posting your business related pins on your board. This will build authority if you post and engage with users regularly.

When pin or repin post on your boards make sure to add a unique product description. Because this description is one of the reasons to rank higher on Pinterest and people will look at your pin description before if they decide to visit your store. So make sure to add valuable information here so when your visitors get an insight whey they are visiting your website & what they can expect there most likely they will convert into your customer or as lead.


Having an informative Pinterest portfolio will help you to get targeted visitors and followers quickly. The first thing a user looks when they land board or post is the author portfolio. Make your portfolio as like you are providing the best products and service to your customers so that they can trust you when they land your profile first time. Check twice that all of portfolios images are well photo Retouching.


No matter what business or service you sale having positive customer testimonial will always help to sell more and make you an authority in your industry. If you are planning to build a long-term business then make sure you provide value to your customers and always communicate with them on Pinterest. Always keep in mind that social media especially Pinterest based on images.

When you continue to communicate with your followers on Pinterest they will share and repin your service regularly with their followers & friends.  Having good communication with your followers will let you get feedback from your customers & most of the time they will leave positive feedback because of your impact of communication with them.


A company description is a must thing you need on your Pinterest profile.

Company description comes into two ways: one is by giving the company description on Pinterest profile and another is via boards. Take a look at this Pinterest profile 

They are branding their food board by posting lots of related food images. Is a perfect branding on Pinterest. Via this image followers will get what type of company or brand they are and what type of service or product they can expect from your store.


Whenever you post some new photo make sure to share that photo instantly on other social media. It will give extra visitors to your pin & your store as well. Here is how you can share your pin after post on Pinterest.

  • Upload your photo & make a post
  • Click on Send icon above your post
  • You will find lots of option to share like: Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Messenger & email. Select which platform you want to share.

Always follow this process whenever you want to upload any new image or post.


Repin means whenever you post someone else post on your board. Repin is the key to Pinterest. When you repin others post It gives a notification to the actual poster and if he sees you repined his/her post most probably he is going to pin back your post.

It’s a win-win situation for both parties and this is how a pin goes viral on Pinterest. Repin only related products or service you provide so that you can get only targeted pin back and traffic.

So, here are all unique methods to promote your online store free on Pinterest. If you think you need help about Pinterest promotion let me know via comment section. I will try my best to help you out. Make sure that all the time your pin images, has high-end Photo Retouching, check two times you post.

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