6 Steps To Create Clipping Path From A Product Image Below Two Minutes

In image editing, quality is compulsory and you will find tons of tutorial in online on it. Sometimes to save time and energy you need to adopt some easy way of doing few things in photo editing service. I will tell you 6 easy steps of doing clipping path service. Let’s start the steps and I wish you will follow.

Step 1: go to file for open

clipping path service
Open File

Step 2: select pen tool

Clipping Path
select pen tool

Step 3: click the path layer

Clipping Path
select pen tool

Step 4: start clipping path

Clipping Path Service
start clipping path

Step 5: Cliping path around your targeted area

Cliping path
Cliping path around targeted area

Step 6: File from menu bar then select Save as

Clipping path Company
Clipping path Company

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