Clipping path or photo cut out or image path service is one of the most popular service in Graphic Design Industry which mostly need by e-commerce business owners. To understand clipping path service I am going to answer based on 5W method.

5W Method:

So you may asking what the heck that is. What the 5w method is? Well, it’s simply learning details of something based on five question which start with “W”. Here is how you can learn details about something with this questionable words.

This words are:

1) What

2) Who

3) How

4) When

5) Where

Let’s start with “What”.

Method 1 What: What Is Clipping Path Service?

It’s very important to know about clipping path service when you are into graphic or eCommerce related business. Clipping path service is a crucial part of e-eCommerce business nowadays. So what is the clipping path service?

Clipping path is a way to cut out unwanted objects from a still image like shadow, background, extra lights etc. All most all type of photography needs to done this type of clipping service to make a good looking image.

Method 2 Who: Who Does Need Clipping Path or Photo Cutout Service?

All type of photographer, photography service provider, eCommerce business, printing house, Ad Agency, Magazines etc. 

Method 3 How: How Clipping Path are done in Photoshop?

Here are really few simple steps to do photo cut out from a still image. First Open Photoshop and open the file you want to edit.

Secondly Zoom in the image to 200X-300X Plus and then start selecting edge of the object you want to cut out from the image.

Method 4 When: When does a person or company need This Service?

If a person or company running business which need graphic image or sale something online then that person or company may need Photo Editing Service for sure but if someone want to do by himself that can be done as well.

Method 4 When: Where to outsource Clipping Path Service?

Image cut out service mostly provided by developing countries like Philippine, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. These countries are giving this service way more cheap and perfect service than other Developed countries. You can Contact US for this service as well.

Types of Clipping Path service:

Not all are same and doesn’t have same complexity. There are three type of  service and I am going to discuss all of them below.

1) Simple Cutting Paths:

This are the type of Path where object need to be straight. If the objects are straight like Rectangular shape, circle shape and they need to be cut out from image it’s consider as simple cutting path.

Examples are: Boot, Book, Electric Gadgets etc.

2) Medium Cutting Path:

It’s like as it sounds. This type of clipping path is much harder than Easy. This type of image may have multiple object in a single image or may have a zick zack on the edge of the object or have multiple inserted transparency in it.

Example: Example of this type of paths are Hand Bracelet, Watch, and Motor Engine etc.  

3) Complex Cutting Path:

This type of clipping path is most hard to get it done. It’s performed on complicated Shapes and objects. To accomplish this type of someone need to be an expert on photo cutting out service. This includes hair masking, beauty retouching, Glamour enhancing, Jewelry cutting, multiple objects etc.

Example: Example of this service are any type of Masking, Retouching, and Jewelry Editing etc.

After reading this hopefully, you don’t have any doubt about service and their types. But if you still have any further query about this service or looking for similar service contact me anytime. I will try my best to give you my ideas if you need any further help for clipping path related projects. So don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks a lot for reading my post.

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