360-degree Limited

360-degree Limited Case Study

The Client

360-degree Limited is a company that specializes in 360-degree photo editing. The main goal of 360-degree limited is to provide 360-degree image solutions for well-known brands and businesses. They’ve also come a long way to accomplish their goal.

Despite the fact that the company began in the United Kingdom, it is now available worldwide. They’re doing a fantastic job with 360-degree images. This includes meticulously editing them and delivering them on time to their clients.

They had a large project that they were not able to complete within their client’s deadlines, and they needed a company that could work for them in the same way that they worked for their clients. They found UCP after searching online for a while and were connected to our project manager. They were very knowledgeable and gave them the direction they needed to take their project to the next level. UCP made certain that all of the necessary elements would be addressed, and that there would be no room for revisions.


Client’s Requirements & UCP’s Solutions 

The client required retouching, background removal, and resizing of their 360-degree images. Because their specialty is providing a premium experience, they demanded that we put more effort into their project so that they could find every single image in their field. The client’s requirements are listed below, along with the solutions we devised.

The large volume of images: They needed 2200 360-degree images to be edited. They requested that the background be removed and that the images be retouched to make them appear more professional. They needed to resize their images, remove the background, and retouch them in order to attract more customers. That is why they demanded that we give their images more attention and make them as appealing as possible. 

Solution: Our retouchers went over each image in great detail, clipping images, removing backgrounds, and removing unwanted objects. Despite this, they put in extra effort to make their images as clear as possible.

Strict deadline: The client required 2200 images to be edited in just five days. The client had no choice but to meet the deadline, despite the fact that 360-degree image retouching is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task.

Solution: We increased the size of our retouching team to meet the deadline. Furthermore, in order to meet both the quality and the deadline, all of our team members had to work extra hours.

High-end quality: The client emphasized high-end image quality despite the fact that he was on a tight deadline. In order for their business to stay afloat, they need high-quality images. That’s why he required us to prioritize quality over everything else.

Solution: UCP has gone to great lengths to maintain its reputation and provide high-quality images. We also did a deep dive into each image and combined them with the client’s business so that we can deliver the high-quality work they require.

Challenges UCP Had Faced


Despite the fact that 360-degree image editing requires a significant amount of time and effort, the client was adamant about meeting the deadline. That’s why we had to hire more retouching experts and put in more effort in order to keep the scroll around 360 degrees. Furthermore, thanks to our hard work and friendly communication, we were able to complete the project to our complete satisfaction.

The Results


360-degree limited’s client thought the images were impressive and gave a positive review. We’re pleased with the outcome. In addition, 360-degree limited’s client was considering working with them in the future. At UCP, we place a higher priority on quality than price, as our vision and mission suggest. As a result, the client was pleased and was able to save and earn more money. Hearing the client’s feedback was fantastic.

About UCP’s Image Editing Services 

UK Clipping Path (UCP) is a leading image editing firm based in the United Kingdom. It began with the intention of providing a high-end image editing and retouching experience.

UCP has assembled the most efficient retouching team in the industry and has edited millions of images for hundreds of clients all over the world.

Our retouching team has over ten years of experience and is familiar with the needs of eCommerce, business owners, and photographers. Apart from that, they are more motivated and passionate about the industry as a result of our friendly environment and respectful collaboration.

If you’re serious about editing your photos and growing your business, UCP has your back. Contact us today to upload your images, then wait for our response and let us know what you require. Don’t worry about making a final decision; we offer a free trial so you can test it out before making a decision.

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