clipping path Car image

11 Tips – How to Car image editing for Clipping Path (2021 Version)

Clipping path for car images. Here I want to show very easy steps for editing car images by Pen tool. When you will learn this step you can editing any types of clipping job also. So read the all steps carefully and practice more and more. How to help Clipping Path for your product remove background.

Step 1: go to file for open

Clipping Path Service

Step 2: select pen tool

clipping path pen tool select

Step 3: click the path layer

clipping path path layer

Step 4: start clipping paths

start clipping car image

Step 5: Simple clipping paths around your targeted area

clipping path targeted area

Step 6: make selection path

clipping path selection path

Step 7: Click the feather selection[Ctrl+Alt+D] feather (0.3)and press OK

feather selection car image

Step 8: Make a Layer Panel(Ctrl+j)

Layer Panel car images

Step 9: Click “Sold color” then select white color and press OK

car image Sold color

Step 10: all Layer merge visible

car Image pen tool using

Step 11: File from menu bar then select Save as

clipping Path car Images

So you are now expert to do the clipping path for the any type of image.

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